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What Is A European-style Wedding Reception Hall

November 16, 2014 | Comments Off on What Is A European-style Wedding Reception Hall

Offering a European-style venue for a wedding and the following reception has become very popular in recent years. In truth, these venues have probably been in demand for generations, with people from all over Europe seeking to bring some of their home traditions to this important event. These reception halls provide the ambience that many couples are seeking, often along with all the accoutrements that they could wish for.

European-style reception sites are booked solid for months in advance. The differences between standard American reception halls and those decorated to meet the specifications of a European theme are sometimes subtle, but often blatantly obvious. It is common for older buildings, especially those that resemble traditional castles, to be transformed into magical European kingdoms for each couple. As an aside, these same locations are often booked for other events that require a similar ambience.

A good example of the look and feel provided by a European-style wedding venue is that of a chalet adorned in a Trans-Carpathian theme. It incorporates (and supports) design elements and color schemes from the Balkans, especially Greek and Romanian blues and reds. Germans appreciate the reminder of the old world left behind, and Americans are drawn to the lighthearted spirit of the Roma. Some reception sites have gone so far as to present this theme in a wine cellar setting for ultimate authenticity.

A Tuscan-themed party is another favorite; depending on the couple’s preferences, the setting may either capitalize on the timeless elegance of the Italian Renaissance’s birthplace, or they may favor its rustic environs instead. The latter thrives on Tuscan wine, pork dishes, rustic breads and cheeses. Rather than formal seating, reception halls in this style may feature long tables and wooden benches, with food served family-style.

These venues frequently provide more than just ambience for guests. Receptions in these halls offer traditional music that complements the decor, as well as some well-known wedding traditions. Of course, these halls will very likely offer meal menus, preparation and service that is representative of the region. Professional event planners can assist couples design the wedding of their dreams.

Businesses within the wedding industry realize that the old-world charm of themed reception sites holds plenty of money-making opportunities on the commercial end, while offering the consumer exactly what they want. This is a win-win for both the business and the bridal party. May they all live happily ever after.