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The Exploitation of the Mundane

October 15, 2015 | Comments Off on The Exploitation of the Mundane

Knowing how to save money when you’re running a small business consisting of only yourself is a must have. Time is an important part of that equation which becomes something of a currency to gauge a personal value against. The time I spend searching for utilities to help buffer the encroaching march of time threatening my projects is a willing investment; especially so when I’ve found a high quality free receipt template that allows me to pump out quirky and good looking receipts that serve both as a bill of sale and a small piece of marketing. I’ll reach customers however I can, even if it means a lasting memory of a quirky receipt.

Little things like that strike a chord in us. Our day to day lives are filled with a nonchalant and seldomly noticed mundanity that moments of whimsy and surprise cling to our memories like a desert flower clinging to an sand locked oasis. These moments of tiny, precious memories are exactly the moments that advertisers seek to exploit when they introduce a product to their audience. For it is an audience that we are as they seek to spin out a narrative around a hopefully surprising product to be desired.

I’ve learned that my customers will return if they are a client who I’ve managed to make laugh or startle with a whimsically designed bill of sale. Even my business cards are clever little things meant more to draw the eye and the memory of meeting me rather than remember the details on the card; don’t worry about remembering my number, it’s on thecard. Just remember me. It’s social engineering at its finest that sites like this template provider use in order to draw a consumer deeper into the market behind the surprise of free, quality goods.