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Taking Time out for One Another is Important

November 19, 2015 | Comments Off on Taking Time out for One Another is Important

I have had the luck of being married to my beautiful wife for three years. Prior to that, I was single for about 6 years, and married to someone else for the 10 years prior to my six single years. I have to say that my previous marriage was a rough one, and being on my own for many years helped me to reflect on what I needed to do differently going forward so that my next relationship would have a chance at thriving long term. I read as much as possible, and learned that adult toys (including wild things like ball gags) and being kind, calm and romantic all go a very long way to a successful relationship.

Let me go back and explain my first marriage. As I said previously, we were married for 10 years. We were high school sweethearts. I loved her with all my heart. But with both of us having busy careers and three children, our marriage itself took a backseat to everything else. What I mean is that you have to work on your relationship. It is so easy to fall in love and then let life get in the way. Add children to the mix, and you will find yourself easily focusing on them and not making time for each other.

My first wife and I made the mistake of not making time for one another. Over the years, we soon began feeling resentful of one another. Next, the arguments started. We said things to one another that we could apologize for, but couldn’t take back. Then, the marriage fell apart and we divorced.

Before I married my current wife, I took the time to think about how I would show her respect and show her that I cared. I make sure that we have a date night every two weeks. We make choices together about how to spend our free time, how to show one another we care, etc. This time, my marriage is different, and I will do everything possible to make sure it stays that way.