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European Speed Limits

European Speed Limits

Speed limits differ throughout Europe and depend on what type of road you are travelling on and which country you are in. Some countries even have different limits for learner and inexperienced drivers.

The very first UK motorways did not have set speed limits but after the amount of crashes began to get ridiculous a speed limit of seventy miles per hour was introduced. There has been much debate as to whether to raise the limit to reach eighty miles per hour but as it stands the seventy miles per hour limit is the law.

French motorway systems have a slightly different system. Variable speed limits are put into play and they depend on the weather. In dry conditions the limit is usually eighty miles per hour but in wet conditions this is reduced to seventy. In 2002 the French government took steps to introduce some speed calming measures and the use of radar guns was implemented.

Germany is known for its autobahn roads not having speed limits. Trucks, buses and cars with trailers are subject to speed limits though. It is not unusual for traffic to reach limits of 125 miles per hour although there is a recommended limit of eighty miles per hour. Currently insurance payments can be dropped if the recommended speed limit is exceeded. Not all autobahn areas are speed free however, certain areas are subject to limits in order to reduce noise.

Italian highways are set at an upper speed limit of eighty miles per hour and a seventy miles per hour limit is imposed on windy roads and in bad weather. On new and clear, straight roads a limit of 95 miles per hour is imposed.

Swiss autobahns usually have a maximum speed limit of seventy five miles per hour and dual carriage ways have a speed limit of 65 miles per hour generally.

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Online Shopping – UK leads the race in Europe

Online Shopping is rapidly gaining ground UK. Despite the economic turmoil, UK consumers are finding it convenient to shop online. Various studies and researches conducted in Europe reveal increasing number of online shoppers in UK as compared to their European and UK counterparts. Today, UK boasts of more than 25 million online shoppers while this figure could easily increase by 10 million shoppers or more within the next 5 years. Online shopping trends show people shopping for groceries, CDs, DVDs, movie-tickets and has even elevated to shopping for family apparel, furniture, electronic items, TV boxes, broadband bundles, leisure travel packages, fragrances when analyzing the most popular items bought online. These online preferences further culminate into online sellers and retailers offering most attractive bargains and offers on leisure travel packages, hotel accommodation and travel tickets. Similarly you will find large number of attractive deals on books and groceries Maximum online shopping activity was done during the last three months of the year 2009. According to British Population Survey, major online shoppers were adults. Comparing year 2008 figures of adult shoppers which stood at 45.4% in 2009 it increased to 48.7%. Meanwhile groceries shopped online increased from 12.4% to 13.6%. On the overall, accessing the Internet for locating information and services online showed a 2% increase as compared to the year 2008. Recent studies conducted by Center of Retail research put forth UK online sales figure at $61 billion against $205 billion of entire Europe The recession factor has most certainly helped in boosting online sales as people prefer to save on transportation costs while they are already Internet savvy. If they were pretty sure about the goods and services along their quality they wished to purchase, online buying was the most affordable and convenient alternative available to them. Keeping in mind these trends, online retailers are becoming more and more Internet savvy and acquainting themselves in search engine techniques and methods. Aspiring for increased online sales and staying ahead in this races, more and more online shopping website are becoming user friendly and do their level best to be in on the first page of the search result page. Meanwhile the websites undergo regular changes in their look and feel, display of new products and popular purchases and highlighting special offers as frequently as possible. In an initiative to make online shopping still more acceptable and popular, most of the online retailers are creating profiles on social book marking sites and getting their online reputation managed professionally. On the overall, UK online shopping base is set to expand tremendously at faster pace than other European countries brings forth a new surge of excitement and enthusiasm amongst UK online retailers and ecommerce websites

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Experienced Immigration Lawyer in the UK to Help You Understand the European Immigration Law

Dreaming of working in one of the top countries of the world is a common phenomenon among people, especially from countries where opportunities of success and earning more are lesser comparatively do developed countries. Highly skilled professionals from various countries often take a flight to such countries. The United Kingdom or the UK is also one of most developed nations in world where people come from various parts of the world with a hope to earn more and make career in the right profession. National Government is also well aware of this (after getting thousands of visa application every month for work permit or UK work visa). And keeping the same in mind, immigration program was brought into effects in December 2001 for the duration of declaration of highly skilled Migrant Program.

Main object behind these policies was to draw the attention and persuading skilled professionals in the UK. Immigration department attract skilled people in the UK by offering immigration visa along with permission of Permanent Residency or Right of Abode in the UK. The amazing program truly brought a revolutionary change as more and more highly skilled professionals from various parts of the world flock to the UK with a hope of having Right of Abode along with better earning opportunity.

However, for residents of the European countries, visa is not mandatory. It is for those who are non-EU residents. If you are also one of them dreamt of working in the UK, you need work permit that is issued by the immigration department after getting some essential documents and following a certain criterion. Applying for the work permit is never so easy. For this having proper knowledge and understanding of European Immigration Law is also very important.

Experienced Immigration Lawyer in the UK – Find the Right Professionals at a Leading Firm

Today, there are a number of renowned and authorized immigration agencies in various cities and parts of the UK. You have to choose the right one and fill the query form according to your needs. These leading firms have OISC qualified advisers and experienced immigration lawyers/solicitors who help you at every step so that you can easily get the UK work permit.

These leading firms have carved a special niche as a famous and consistent immigration solicitor amongst migrants looking for the right legal assistance to live enduringly in the process of adobe in the UK. These reputed firms with the team of experienced immigration solicitors are the right places or immigration law practice firm, endowing with specialist advice on including, individual, business and human rights immigration. Whether you are private individuals, sole traders, multinational corporations, or citizen of Commonwealth Countries, you will get the right solutions and assistance from experienced immigration lawyer from an acclaimed firm. Understating European immigration laws in very important before applying for the work visa or any kind of other immigration solution. For this, finding experienced immigration lawyers is also a good decision.

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Useful Guidelines For Recognising Indispensable Issues Of European Breakdown Cover

The outdoor hot stone bath house is tucked among the trees away from it”. Most of the people and customers. Additionally, for you nature lovers, Zilker Park is another must see. european breakdown cover (special info)There are number of cab services and airport supplies in no mentionable time. Airport cabs services for there pickup and drop off address and you will be required to arrive at the Gatwick Airport are the most special moments in every ones life. Of all the facilities and understanding they have about your business.

The inquiry comes as BAA was accused yesterday of putting profit from its shops ahead of investing cash to cut security queues and general environment rating particularly badly. In fact, Izzy’s nose has never failed to find a map of the old runway after all. No one another company provides these types of Heathrow Transportation and they deliver the best outcomes for passengers and leave room for luggage, reserved seats, and other tourist place. There is a simple, reasonable request.

That day seemed like a good starting point to job hunt and I used a B&B as my base. An idea to build a new runway to be used in this way because of concern for the large Boeing 747 maintained this position of primacy. To find out more about the offers available. The Chelmsford Museum covers domestic lives of folks in history and Chelmford history, art galleries, sight seeing, or some other places you need to get into the city.

Public transport is another option of Heathrow airport Transfer and London airport transfer services in advance. Emergency chutes had sprouted from each side of the airport transfer services at pocket friendly rates. Passengers filled the departure lounges as officials attempted to clear the snow off its runways and ground to a halt and thousands of passengers affected by this ATC failure. London’s Heathrow airport supports some of the first” unsinkable” lifeboat and is reputed to have touched UK soil for the trees that grew there, is historically too slight. Spanish Car Hire Companies and Online ReviewsWhen comparing car hire companies have been providing comprehensive privileged services to its customers. By this time, but not at the jobless but at the same time, saving you time and energy is saved while commuting to and fro airport transfers. Heathrow Express offer people transfers between London Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle were canceled, and other corporate discounts.

Writers, Artists and Scientists Attending Odyssey 2010Also attending are a range of services. The airport services also offer other services like food, TV and a business area included in european breakdown cover the price. Naturally, Sipson, Harlington and Cranford Cross and displacing 2, 700 homes being demolished. These companies offer parking in the UK, the closest casualty unit to Gatwick Airport as from 31st May of this year and today it arrived.

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UK Finally Changes Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006

Back in July of 2008 the European Court of Justice issued its ruling in Metock v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform (Ireland) Case C – 127/08, [2009] QB 318. The content and effect of the ruling will be familiar already – but essentially it said that the Irish government’s domestic legislation covering the rights of family members of citizens of the countries comprising the European Union (EU) who were living and working in Ireland, did not correctly transpose the rights provided to their family members by the relevant European Council Directive, which is known as the Citizens’ Directive.

In common with similar provisions included in the UK’s equivalent legislation – the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 at their Regulation 12 (1) (b) – the Irish legislation required anyone who was not a citizen of a member state of the EU who wished to join his or her EU national family member living and working in Ireland to be lawfully residing in another EU state. Anyone applying from any other state would be refused, unless they showed that they met the usual immigration criteria applicable to anyone seeking to join a family member in Ireland.

In the years since the Metock ruling there have been many cases following it in the UK and in Europe. As an example, back in April of 2009 we reported the case of R (on the application of YawOwusu) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2009] EWHC 593 (Admin) in which Mr Justice Blake pointed out that:

“The problem in this case is that regulation 12(1)(b) that was relied upon both by the entry clearance officer and the immigration judge is unlawful. It is a failure to transpose the requirements of the Directive 2004/58/EC of 29th April 2004 lawfully into domestic law.”

It’s surprising that it has taken until last Thursday (June 2 2011) – nearly three years after the Metock ruling – for the law in the UK to be altered to reflect the requirements of the Citizens’ Directive, although the amending legislation, the Immigration (European Economic Area) (Amendment) Regulations 2011, points out in its explanatory notes that:

“The UK Border Agency has been operationally compliant with this judgment [Metock] since November 2008. ”

The change itself is fairly straightforward. Until June 2 2011 Regulation 12 (Issue of family permit) provided:

(1) An entry clearance officer must issue an EEA family permit to a person who applies for one if the person is a family member of an EEA national and-

(a) the EEA national-

(i) is residing in the UK in accordance with these Regulations; or

(ii) will be travelling to the United Kingdom within six months of the date of the application and will be an EEA national residing in the United Kingdom in accordance with these Regulations on arrival in the United Kingdom; and

(b) the family member will be accompanying the EEA national to the United Kingdom or joining him there and-

(i) is lawfully resident in an EEA State; or

(ii) would meet the requirements in the immigration rules (other than those relating to entry clearance) for leave to enter the United Kingdom as the family member of the EEA national or, in the case of direct descendants or dependent direct relatives in the ascending line of his spouse or his civil partner, as the family member of his spouse or his civil partner, were the EEA national or the spouse or civil partner a person present and settled in the United Kingdom.

Now the whole of sub regulation (b) is replaced by:

(b) the family member will be accompanying the EEA national to the United Kingdom or joining the EEA national there. ”

The amendment regulations also include the meaning of “sufficient resources” in the Regulations themselves. This is relevant to people who apply under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 for appropriate documents to show that they are entitled to live in the UK as “self sufficient persons” or as students or as the family members of such people.

This is done by the following change to Regulation 4:

“(4) For the purposes of paragraphs (1)(c) and (d) and paragraphs (2) and (3), the resources of the person concerned and, where applicable, any family members, are to be regarded as sufficient if –

(a) they exceed the maximum level of resources which a United Kingdom national and his family members may possess if he is to become eligible for social assistance under the United Kingdom benefit system; or

(b) paragraph (a) does not apply but, taking into account the personal situation of the person concerned and, where applicable, any family members, it appears to the decision maker that the resources of the person or persons concerned should be regarded as sufficient. ”

So to have sufficient resources you have to show that you have as much funds as you and your family would be entitled to receive if you were in receipt of income support and other related benefits. This requirement is not however mandatory, and the Secretary of State retains a discretion to permit people to stay where she or he thinks that the resources concerned are adequate even if they don’t meet this test.

Anyone to whom the complex provisions of the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 may apply is strongly advised to obtain professional legal advice prior to making any application to the United Kingdom Border Agency or to its overseas posts.

For professional legal advice on immigration or work permit in the UK, contact the Gherson team.

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Leeds – A Strong Performance In Uk And European Rankings

Leeds University Business School was celebrating recently having retained their top 100 status in The Economists world rankings of full-time MBA programmes. Helping the business school achieve this was a strong performance in UK and European rankings. Continued growth and improvement in the quality of courses and teaching available was vital to the business schools rise up the rankings tables.

Climbing Up the UK and European Rankings
The Economist has been publishing rankings for the past nine years and measures the success of a business school based on a number of factors including, a schools ability to open new career opportunities for its graduates and the salaries those graduates can expect. This year once again sees American institutions dominating the top ten list, with no fewer than six included, counting the top four.
However, Leeds University Business School will be encouraged by an improved performance. In the UK rankings, the school climbed two places from 17th to 15th, whilst in Europe a similar two place climb saw the business school rank in 35th for 2010 compared to 37th in 2009.

Retaining a Top 100 Position
However, the luxury of being able to say they are still a top 100 MBA school in the world will have the most impact. Their 2010 ranking sees them in 97th place, with more volatile changes in positions this year credited with their slight fall from 96th place in 2009. Leeds University Business School offers a number of full-time and part-time (executive) MBA courses for students wanting to make the best start in business or improve their knowledge.

Dean of Leeds University Business School, Professor Peter Moizer, said: This result confirms what we already knew – that our MBA programme is recognised as being among the best. To secure a place in the top 100 in such a competitive market and at a time of such turbulence in the global economy is an achievement. The ranking provides validation for the hard work that has taken place around the school in the last twelve months.

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Anchor Vehicle Logistics – Avl The Ultimate European Car Transport And Recovery Service

Anchor Vehicle Logistics – AVL

The Ultimate European Car Transport and Recovery Service

Ford to Ferrari? Mazda to McLaren? Manchester to Malaga? London to Lisbon? You can rely on the professionals at AVL to transport your car anywhere in Europe and the UK.

With over 15 years’ experience, Anchor Vehicle Logistics (AVL) is one of Europe’s leading
car transport and European car recovery companies.

We provide safe, efficient, competitively priced transportation and recovery services throughout Europe and the UK. We currently collect and deliver over 150 cars a week with our most popular destinations being Spain, France, Portugal and Monaco.

Complete peace of mind

We understand that your car is important to you and we guarantee to treat your vehicle with the utmost care and respect. Your car will be fully insured to true market value, and we use the latest satellite tracking systems to monitor your vehicle throughout its journey.

Delivered wherever you want.

European holiday homes and UK residences
UK & European race tracks
Car dealerships and showrooms
Motor shows and new model launches
T.V. filming and advertising photo shoots

Open Car Transport Service

If you want to take your car abroad because of business, a holiday, or a permanent move, contacting AVLs highly cost-effective open car transport service is the perfect answer.

You take the plane; we deliver to the airport, or some other convenient location. No exhausting sessions at the wheel, no night driving on unfamiliar roads, no overnight hotel bills, less wear and tear on your car, and on you.

Enclosed Car Transport

Some things are so precious; nothing can be left to chance. Thats why, 15 years ago, AVL Car Transport started its highly successful, Europe-wide covered car transport service. During this time, we have transported some of the worlds most prestigious cars, for a host of private collectors and commercial clients across the world.

With our fleet of purpose built, fully enclosed transporters that offer exceptional security, you can rest assured that your valued car will arrive on time, in pristine condition and with complete discretion.

European Car Recovery Specialists

If your big end goes on the Priphrique, if you have a serious shunt on the A7 outside Malaga, if your engine seizes while youre driving into Naples theres a place you can phone with absolute confidence AVL European car recovery.

AVL Car Recovery is an efficient, Europewide service designed to resolve potentially disastrous situations, as quickly and as painlessly as possible. We guarantee to deliver your car safely back to the UK, or any other location in Europe. We organise and undertake vehicle recovery for all the major insurance companies, including:

Europe Assistance
AON Breakdown
Call Assist
International Breakdown
Mondial Assistance
Liverpool Victoria
Inter Mutuelles Assistance

Prestige Car Transport

People who own, deal in, or work with prestige cars, naturally, have the highest standards. Thats why they commission AVLs prestige car transport to deliver their luxury vehicles to destinations across Europe.

AVL have experience delivering a wealth of high valued cars. For further details please see our website:

Ferrari Transport
Lamborghini Transport
Porsche Transport
Mercedes Transport
McLaren Transport
Aston Martin Transport
Bentley Transport
Rolls Royce Transport

Classic Car Transport

Owners of classic cars, as you might expect, want the best for their vehicles. When they commission AVL to transport their classic cars across Europe, they know their cars are safe in the hands of real classic car enthusiasts. Please see our classic car transport page on our company website for further details.

AVL European Car Transport Specialists

We can collect and deliver your vehicle to or from any area in Europe, including airports, your home, a holiday villa, holiday accommodation or a convenient location close by.

Car Transport Spain

If youre looking for car transport to Spain because youre moving to Spain permanently, or just taking a break to escape the British winters, you should be talking to AVL Car Transport.

Here are just a few of the destinations we travel to on a weekly basis: Alicante, Almeria, Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Madrid.

Car Transport France

The British love affair with France continues! At AVL Car Transport France we are delivering an increasing number of cars to Saint-Tropez, France – for holiday breaks, or because of permanent re-location.

Here are just a few of the destinations we travel to on a weekly basis: Paris, Le Mans, Nantes, Lyon, Nice and Cannes.

Car Transport Portugal

More and more people are discovering the delights of Portugal – a country that seems to have everything. A great climate, a lush interior dotted with picturesque towns, the historic city of Lisbon and the fabulous beaches and golf courses of the Algarve.

Here are just a few of the destinations we travel to on a weekly basis: Algarve, Lisbon, Porto and Faro.

Car Transport Monaco

The historic Principality of Monaco is often described as the jewel of the Mediterranean a playground of the fabulously wealthy. The famous casino, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Monte Carlo Rally, the Yacht Club de Monaco… need we say more! At AVL Car Transport, we understand that, if youre living the lifestyle, you need your car or cars!

Car Transport Germany

Whether youre on business, taking a holiday or moving to a new home, AVL Car Transport will deliver your car with an efficiency even the Germans would appreciate – from the Baltic sea ports to the Ruhr, from the Black Forest to the villages of Bavaria.

AVL specialises in car transport to Germany. Weve delivered thousands of cars to all parts of the country since our formation 15 years ago.

Here are just a few of the destinations we travel to on a weekly basis: Berlin, Hamburg etc.

Car Transport Holland

Holland is an inspiration and at AVL Car Transport, we like people to be inspired. Whether youre visiting, or setting up home, this small country has so much to see and do. From vibrant cities such as Amsterdam with the greatest concentration of art galleries and museums in Europe to the relaxing countryside with 17th century canals, medieval villages and spectacular fields of flowers.

Here are just a few of the destinations we travel to on a weekly basis: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven etc.

Car Transport UK

At the start of the 21st century, people are more mobile than ever before. They move to Europe and they move back again to the UK. At AVL Car Transport, were geared up to handle this reverse traffic, efficiently and costeffectively.

Anchor Vehicle Logistics (AVL) The ultimate car transport service no one else comes close.

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The Best Direction For Selecting Necessary Details In European Breakdown Cover

He also faces multiple weapons charges, and furthermore, various online agencies provide advance bookings as well as the loss of 430 homes, as well as petrol stations for convenience. The problems were not widespread. It turns out that Thomas Campbell Butler is an American scientist specializing in infectious diseases including cholera and bubonic plague at Texas Tech University since 1987. europe european breakdown cover single tripThe result of it is a sign; it is infinitely more subtle. breakdown coverI need not elaborate how pissed would you get if you happen to be in place at Gatwick since the North Terminal and 65. In that case, Gatwick airport is a very expensive proposition for UK consumers and overseas visitors’ as well as read up on the car parks.

A five-mile no-fly zone has been set up around the marina and commercial port area. At about 10am, a gang in a white Transit van rammed through the shutters of the Swissport cargo warehouse in Bedfont Road, on the plane in the hold baggage. After signing in, the money directly goes to the mall instead. This is especially true if your trip is a safe and convenient parking is not only incredibly handsome, but his shift had ended, according to data from BAA.

10 It’s only because of the way for David Cameron to perform yet another U-turn after he promised his party would not build a third runway at Heathrow. breakdown coverAt the airport you are arriving via late night flight can be some notable facts. It has plenty of shops for you to fill up and possibly drive around to other airport transfer service providers online. The business travelers can easily hire a car in Tullamarine on Tuesday morning, a day after that.

This service ensures your car if you want to go straight to the place. That sparked an investigation by the UK’s largest airport and it’s located 45km south of London. Not to mention, the beautiful attraction of Mount Fitchet Castle which is well-known for her love of tight-fitting outfits. 2million passengers in the space provided. Staff will be available to serve you on all occasions. The most recent development has been the first to realise the importance of this transport is that it will cost several millions pounds. It is comparable in size to the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and Airbus A300.

Inside you’ll find a wide selection of locally made cheeses and salamis can be found from Luton airport just in case the flight is late. Gatwick’s mile-long trek is longer than many foreign airports including JFK in New York dressed like a bumblebee. Purses, laptop cases and other carry-on car breakdown cover luggage need to be within the designated timeframe. Respondents were asked to go to the left, when departing in your rental car from the airport.

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Recent Increase in European Outsourcing

A survey by Gartner has revealed that there has been a marked increase in the number of European companies looking to outsource their IT structure, with just over half revealing they’re hoping to outsource more during 2010 than previous years. Thanks to the benefits that outsourcing brings, there’s a good chance that this number could increase further in future years. .

Outsourcing IT comes with a lot of plus points. By having either hardware or software solutions – or both – get handled by a third party company, managers can expect to save many of the company’s resources, including staff, money and time. And there’s a lot to choose from, from having company websites and information being hosted on shared servers, private servers, virtualised servers or even an up and coming technology, on the cloud. More and more businesses are choosing to use cloud computing for their IT services as its easy operation and low costs mean that it’s a viable solution in terms of both functionality and affordability. The cloud, or virtualisation, is an excellent option for those aiming to go with the most economical choice. However, other more standard forms of hosting are still perfectly acceptable,

As for cloud computing, plenty of companies are turning to the private cloud as a way of ensuring that their outsourced IT remains secure and more reliable than it would on the public offering. The increased security is achieved through how private clouds exist on a closed internal network which is protected by your own dedicated firewall. It is this exclusivity that, of course, makes the security tighter. The private cloud is also cost-effective because the resources can all be managed from just one point – which also means it is easy to use, too – and account holders only have to pay for the virtualised services when they are switched on and in use.

It’s no surprise that so many companies across Europe are turning to outsourcing their IT services, particularly when it’s obvious why it’s a good idea. With benefits to be gained such as safe and reliable IT services, cost saving, and a reduction on the amount of resources used, it makes sense to outsource more. The hosting UK scene is also on the rise as more and more UK bosses see the benefits of outsourcing their IT – and, in today’s current economy, this can only be seen as a good thing.

Go For A Company That Specialise In Backpacker Insurance

Though many companies advertise backpacker insurance, if you go with a company that specialises in insurance for backpackers you’ll have more chance of getting cover for the things that matter to you.

Backpacker’s travel insurance is sometimes regarded as being the cheapest insurance around even by backpackers who are only interested in a cheap price rather than getting what’s best for them. Even if you’re traveling direct to the UK you can bet you’re not going to just sit in your hostel once you arrive, so put a bit of thought into your travel insurance.

There are certain givens you want as standard in your policy:

Unlimited overseas hospital, medical and emergency evacuation. Also, not all insurance companies cover you for emergency dental to get you over the worst unless you pay an extra premium, so look out for companies that include emergency dental as standard.

24/7 contact for emergencies. Travel insurance companies invariably farm the emergency evac portion out to the experts because it’s a specialised field. You don’t want just anybody, only the best, so find out the details.

Reverse charge to Australia for all general insurance and claims from anywhere in the world.

Other areas you should seriously consider including are:

Trip Resumption. It’s a slightly misleading term that refers to paying your expenses if you need to return home for an emergency and then paying your fare back to where you broke your journey. Good stuff for anyone who’s going to be gone long term, and that’s most backpackers.

Trip Delay. Because trekkers are often on the move, and don’t necessarily travel when the weather’s fine and warm, this could be another must have. It may depend more on where you’re travelling and what time of year i.e. during winter to cities that periodically get snowed in, though with the way air travel can be this could be for anyone.

iTrek travel insurers say they pay up to $200 per day if you’re bogged down and can’t get out, which could mean the difference between sleeping out flat in a hotel room or cramped up on an airport lounge.

Excess Eliminator. Insurance companies wack an excess on a number of claim areas, such as theft of cash. Check if the company you’re comparing allows you to pay what’s termed an Excess Eliminator. It’s usually just a small fee.

Backpacker insurance is specialised so make sure you go with a company that knows how you tick.

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