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Holiday and Travel in the Baltic State Region

If you’re planning to holiday or travel within the Baltic Region of Northern Europe then be prepared to be spoilt for choice. The region has a wealth of wonder to satisfy all ages and budgets.

The Baltic Region is generally considered to include the countries that have a shoreline along the Baltic Sea; Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden and Poland.

The actual Baltic States however are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

For the sake of ‘containment’ this article will focus mainly upon the area of the Baltic States.

The three countries each have their own identities, but in common they all offer a wonderful range of sights and activities; from medieval cities, quality cuisine and hotels for all types of tastes and budget.

The nightlife and entertainment scene is growing and becoming ever more a magnet for visitors.

However for the more sedate traveller there are also magnificent and immaculate landscapesand seascapes to explore; a photographer’s paradise.

Let’s then have an overview of what each country has to offer; taking for granted that the accommodation, cuisine and entertainment will certainly be to your liking.

ESTONIA’s capital, Tallinn is a city incorporating modern themes and architecture. Tallinn has also preserved its ‘Old Town’. Old Town is an historical monument to the country’s proud history and a fascinating attraction.

The beaches are not really for sun worshipers as they’re rocky, rugged and spectacular.

Did you know that the country boasts well in excess of a thousand islands? Well you do now.

The whole country is interspersed with icons of the past; castles, fortresses, churches and museums.

It really is a place for the curious wanderer; there are old-growth forests and a plethora of beautiful lakes.

LATVIA sits between Estonia and Lithuania with strong links to both these countries.  Latvia is a delightful blend of both ancient and modern; with contemporary and ancient themes of architecture and culture providing a most eclectic and rewarding mix.

It is a very ‘green’ country, with plenty of sweeping unspoilt countryside, to which everyone has access. Ideal for nature lovers and healthy folk of all ages.

Riga, the capital, is a particularly beautiful city that highlights Latvia’s cultural diversity. There’s plenty to see and do; one of the most popular attractions is the city’s huge market. The market teems with activity and is a kaleidoscope of colour and choice. A must visit.

LITHUANIAis by comparison a very small country, a small country with a strong national identity.

The capital, Vilnius, is a major attraction with a burgeoning night scene and fabulous relics and reminders of its oft harrowing past. It is not huge, but it is certainly delightful.

The country offers a treasure trove of natures’ delights. A most tranquil experience for any visitor;relax, explore, enjoy!

THE BALTIC REGION, as opposed to the Baltic States, offers a much more expansive and diverse opportunity for travellers. Take in the magnificent city of Russia’s St Petersburg; absorb the wonderful cultures, art and architecture of Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

There are so many more treasures awaiting you on the Baltic coastline and one of the best, most relaxing ways to visit the region is to take a cruise.

Cruising The Baltic coastline really is an attractive option. Travel in style and be taken to the doorstep of fabulous countries without all the hassle.

There are many cruise ship operators offering a wide range of options. Let them plan your trip, let them take you tofairy-tale places of dreams; including perhaps a trip through Norway’s spectacular Fjords or a guided tours of such wonders as the city of Stockholm or the breath-taking Lithuanian Tall Ship Regatta. And of course much, much more.

There are many well established and trusted tour operators out there vying for your business.

So now is a good time for you to take the plunge and book a vacation of a lifetime … time to discover and experience the serenity and energy of The Baltics!


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