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Perfect Europe Tour and Travel Company

The beautiful European continent is the perfect getaway for a memorable holiday experience. There is something for every traveller in Europe, right from the romantic destinations of Paris and Venice to the serene alpine valleys. There are luxurious landscapes and centuries old rich culture that invites people to visit this enchanting continent.

Europe has a myriad of flavours to offer avid visitors, right from history to technology to food to culture to fashion to music to shopping to almost everything one can think of. Europe boasts of a splendid blend of a rich cultural heritage and the trendy and modern era of today. It is a popular destination and several tourists come for a holiday here. This luxurious continent is just incomparable. All around the world. The European standards are followed to maintain unparalleled quality. Europe is home to the most marvellous cities and some exquisite natural settings in the world. We can guide you in the best possible way for having the ultimate experience to explore the fascinating culture that awaits you.

All European countries are famous but the most favourite countries in Europe which are frequented by visitors are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and France. Here is a list of the places that you just cannot afford to miss:-

Rome- This eternal city has a two thousand seven hundred year old history and is known as the city of seven hills.

Athens- The Acropolis boasts of a 3400 year old history, ancient temples, churches, early modern neoclassical mansions and birth of the Western civilization.

Barcelona- This Spanish city is home to Gaudi architecture.

Paris- The romance capital of the world and the capital city of France too. It is situated on the banks of the River Seine.

Istanbul- It is the only major city which is spread to two continents and is a charmng blend of the East and the West.

Amsterdam- The city of canals which has more than 1500 bridges. The attitude of people here is very liberal which is the reason for its popularity.

Berlin- The capital of Germany has emerged as the international cultural city and has seen major development after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. Prague- It is known as the magical city which has beautiful bridges over the Vltava River.

Moscow- The largest city of Europe which has a vibrant nightlife and is known for the exemplary Kremlin.

London- The multicultural capital city of Britain which is truly lively.

Some of the most advanced civilizations of the world have left their mark in Europe over several years which has transformed into an extraordinary cultural heritage today. Te foundation of Western culture was laid in the Ancient Greece which has greatly influenced the politics, philosophy, language and education systems of Europe. The Roman Empire occupied major part of the European continent after Ancient Greece which was undoubtedly among the greatest civilizations of the world. Many Roman ruins can be traced in the form of Pantheon, Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

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European Speed Limits

European Speed Limits

Speed limits differ throughout Europe and depend on what type of road you are travelling on and which country you are in. Some countries even have different limits for learner and inexperienced drivers.

The very first UK motorways did not have set speed limits but after the amount of crashes began to get ridiculous a speed limit of seventy miles per hour was introduced. There has been much debate as to whether to raise the limit to reach eighty miles per hour but as it stands the seventy miles per hour limit is the law.

French motorway systems have a slightly different system. Variable speed limits are put into play and they depend on the weather. In dry conditions the limit is usually eighty miles per hour but in wet conditions this is reduced to seventy. In 2002 the French government took steps to introduce some speed calming measures and the use of radar guns was implemented.

Germany is known for its autobahn roads not having speed limits. Trucks, buses and cars with trailers are subject to speed limits though. It is not unusual for traffic to reach limits of 125 miles per hour although there is a recommended limit of eighty miles per hour. Currently insurance payments can be dropped if the recommended speed limit is exceeded. Not all autobahn areas are speed free however, certain areas are subject to limits in order to reduce noise.

Italian highways are set at an upper speed limit of eighty miles per hour and a seventy miles per hour limit is imposed on windy roads and in bad weather. On new and clear, straight roads a limit of 95 miles per hour is imposed.

Swiss autobahns usually have a maximum speed limit of seventy five miles per hour and dual carriage ways have a speed limit of 65 miles per hour generally.

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Buying Real Estate in Europe

Buying Europe real estate is not the same as buying American real estate. But, you know that already. You are very smart and well versed in the ways of the world. You are a world traveler and you are about to become an owner of a beautiful vacation home in one of the amazing countries in Europe. You have narrowed your choices down to England and Greece. You have always dreamed of calling out to the fellow passengers on the lift with a hearty cherrio as you stepped out to go to your flat. Then again, you just visited Greece a few months back and totally fell in love. You shall list the pros and cons of each to help you in your choice.


Some cons about living in England include the following:

Litter abounds Customary drinking culture (ever heard of ‘Binge Britain’?) Small living spaces Lots of traffic and no parking spaces (parking on the sidewalk anyone?) Surveillance is everywhere Some pros about living in England include the following:

Temperate climate Stunning scenery and gardens Marvelous traditions (mince pies and paper crowns at Christmas) Pubs (a great social gathering place) English seaside


The negative points of living in Greece include the following:

The economy is a fledgling (but what economy isn’t these days?) If you are a non-Greek you may find some racism It may be difficult to secure a good job The positive points of living in Greece include the following:

If you are of Greek ancestry you can get in touch with your roots You can enjoy the beautiful sights and varying terrains of Greece The weather is beautiful year round The pace is slower and walking is key Hopefully you have been able to narrow down your choice, but no matter which you choose you will be very happy with your purchase of Europe real estate.

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European Fashion Trends – Boosting Up The Fashion Market

Everyone wants to look attractive and different. Some people follow fashion trends, some do not. Some people have their own style, some imitate the celebrities. Every country has their own fashion trends. There are many countries which are trend setter for other countries. Country like Europe, European fashion trends have set the fashion market on fire. It has boot up the fashion market.
Some people are that crazy about fashion trends, they wait for latest fashion shows to purchase new attires for their selves. Here in this article we are going to tell you some latest European fashion trends.

Would You Wear a Fedora?
Most of the celebrities like Jane Fonda, Ozzy Osbourne and Sarah Jessica Parker have been spotted in fedoras this year. The fedora pops up in cheap straw versions, luxe felt and everything in between.

Time to go for flats..

Some women may derision flats, believimg them one of fashions ultimate gaffe.But there are times when there is simply no option but to wear flats, women from some of the top glossies looking perfectly at ease in flats

Fashionable Rain attires
Whether you need to battle the sticky monsoon storms of summer, or the mushy calamity of the winter-time, proper rain gear is an essential, year-round. While we all wish it was practical to teeter around in 5-inch heels and silk coats all the time some days call for alternatives – like the gorgeous textured Jimmy Choo Hunter Welly Boots.

Fashion Trend: Long skirts
Theres something very vintage about a floor length skirt that really makes an impact. Although not so city friendly due to the risk of the hem dragging on the ground, the long skirt is making a comeback on Fall 2010 runways. Perfect for an elegant night out, or pretty for a picnic at tea-length, skirt lengths are going from minitmajor.
So get out those high-heeled boots and throw those mini skirts to the back of the closet. Its time to take things to a new length.

Fashion Trend: Menswear for Women
What is more tremendous, sexy, and unapproachable than a woman looking absolutely gorgeous in a tailored, mans suit?
Although it never goes out of style, the trend seems to be stronger during time periods when a woman needs a little more aggression. A recession, unemployment, and severe weather changes are a lot to deal with, and a woman cant be running around in a mini skirt..

These are few latest European fashion trends, which you can follow .there is a huge variety of latest European fashion trends on internet.

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Best Travel Deals in Europe


Villa Casanova considers itself a Bio first-class inn. Located in the trendy Lido Beach area of Venice, it is one of the first green hotels in this romantic city of canals. All the building materials are strictly non-toxic: cork, slaked lime, naturally polished travertino marbles and oil-polished wooden floors. All rooms are fitted with devices for circuit breaking, which offers protection from electromagnetic fields, therefore ensuring a restful, pollution-free environment. The buffet breakfast is healthy and mostly organic. All rooms are decorated in stylish Venetian dcor while maintaining modern green standards such as organic cotton linens and toiletries. Room rates start at $130 per night.

Adventures in Preservation

Adventures in Preservation’s volunteers help restore old buildings for new uses, such as community centers, museums, or training schools. They also help jump-start cultural heritage tourism initiatives in economically depressed or undeveloped regions. Spend a week with AiP and find out why preservation can be a powerful tool for change. Learn how to care for the past while you help make a difference for the future.

Discover an ancient kingdom in England

Discover what lies beneath the Yorkshire Dales’ scenic patchwork of stone walls, grazing sheep, and small towns. In rotating crews of three, volunteers will be divided between surveying and excavation tasks. They will document underground features and create maps, using topographic mapping techniques and geophysical measurements. Using a hand trowel, volunteers will -take down the layers- and plot and record finds. The volunteers will also help survey present-day plant species and pollen samples from peat cores to explore how the local environment has changed since the Roman period. The research site is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where All Creatures Great and Small was filmed.

This year, think of travel deals Europe in a new way- a time to further develop your interests and skills, and to give back to the world in thanks for your good fortune.

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The best of Europe’s festivals for 2011

If you are looking for a lively break with a difference this year, you will find there are a host of Europe festivals where you can combine a little culture with a lot of partying.

Most of the best festivals began life as a religious celebration or to mark an unusual local custom, but have now been transformed into major parties, complete with parades, fancy dress events and, of course, lots of food and drink.

Many of Europe’s major cities stage annual beer festivals, but few can compete with the epic Oktoberfest in Munich. It began life as a party to mark a royal wedding, but has now developed into the continent’s biggest public festival.

More than six million people head to the German city between mid-September and early October to take part in the festivities. The format is fairly simple – drink Bavarian beer and lots of it – but the atmosphere is among the best you are likely to experience anywhere.

If drinking is to form a key part of your break, then why not try Dublin on St Patrick’s Day? The Irish saint’s day is celebrated around the world, but nowhere is the partying fiercer than in Dublin. It is sure to be a great experience, but remember to book some festival accommodation nearby, as you will want somewhere to sleep off your hangover.

Lots of cities across Europe hold annual carnivals, with Venice, Dusseldorf and Binche among the best.

Valencia’s Las Fallas in mid-March is another unique event, which combines history and culture with some extravagant celebrations. Its origins are as a festival to honour St Joseph and while it retains a religious theme, the event has developed into a five-day street party.

It is marked by sculptures of giant cartoon caricatures being placed around the city and with parades, beauty contests, concerts, huge firework displays and regular street parties. If you choose Las Fallas for your break, you are sure to head home with the impression that the Spanish love to party.

One city that already has a reputation for being among the liveliest short break destinations in Europe is Amsterdam. Head there for the Queen’s Day celebrations in late April and you are likely to be surprised by just how boisterous the Dutch can be, with the canals and streets swathed in orange and parties lasting right through the night.

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A European Elite Escort Agency Is Worth Every Penny

If you are in search of good company in Europe, you can find an elite European escort agency that would assist you in finding great company. A European elite escort agency is the best of its kind that has some of the most beautiful girls under its belt for high quality European escort service. With these agencies, you can find some of the top rated elite London escorts at reasonable rates for company.

It is only European elite escort agency that can provide you top class services when you are in London. It is only after you start negotiating with these elite classes of escorts you would be able to understand and experience that it is worth spending some money and choosing an elite London escort.

The European escorts services are easy to locate. They are now readily available on the internet with their own portals and picture galleries to help their clients in choosing an elite London escort for their evening. However, as there charges are a bit higher than that of any other escort services, it might be difficult for some people to judge whether or not they are worth that much expenditure.

Well, they are!

When you have chosen the best European escorts service, you should understand that you would get the best possible services that you could ask for. First and foremost, the elite London escorts are well trained and very well groomed too. They have the basic sense and understanding of carrying themselves really well and also in maintaining a comfortable relationship with the client. Apart from the fact that these trained escorts from the European escort service are charming, beautiful and fashionable, they also know how to socialize with people in parties and events. They are absolutely fun-loving and the best company you could ask for. They are pretty, peasant, well behaved and simply fun to be with.

When you meet the elite London escorts through a European escort service, you must know that you have come to the right place. The European escort services always ensure that their clients get the best service and treatment from their agency. Customer satisfaction is their forte and they never fail to meet the every rising demands of their customers. These agencies are worth your visit as they have only selected girls listed as their private London escorts and all these girls come from a good background. They are educated, sophisticated and highly trained to meet the requirements of their clients coming from all around the world.

As it is important to maintain privacy when you are hiring escort services, you cannot just consider any arbitrary agency for this purpose. Being high profile business personality or anybody for that matter, you must always ensure your confidentiality, and the European elite escort agency would certainly take good care of that. They always make it a point to give the best service to their client and also maintain their privacy to make sure that they keep coming back.

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Online Shopping – UK leads the race in Europe

Online Shopping is rapidly gaining ground UK. Despite the economic turmoil, UK consumers are finding it convenient to shop online. Various studies and researches conducted in Europe reveal increasing number of online shoppers in UK as compared to their European and UK counterparts. Today, UK boasts of more than 25 million online shoppers while this figure could easily increase by 10 million shoppers or more within the next 5 years. Online shopping trends show people shopping for groceries, CDs, DVDs, movie-tickets and has even elevated to shopping for family apparel, furniture, electronic items, TV boxes, broadband bundles, leisure travel packages, fragrances when analyzing the most popular items bought online. These online preferences further culminate into online sellers and retailers offering most attractive bargains and offers on leisure travel packages, hotel accommodation and travel tickets. Similarly you will find large number of attractive deals on books and groceries Maximum online shopping activity was done during the last three months of the year 2009. According to British Population Survey, major online shoppers were adults. Comparing year 2008 figures of adult shoppers which stood at 45.4% in 2009 it increased to 48.7%. Meanwhile groceries shopped online increased from 12.4% to 13.6%. On the overall, accessing the Internet for locating information and services online showed a 2% increase as compared to the year 2008. Recent studies conducted by Center of Retail research put forth UK online sales figure at $61 billion against $205 billion of entire Europe The recession factor has most certainly helped in boosting online sales as people prefer to save on transportation costs while they are already Internet savvy. If they were pretty sure about the goods and services along their quality they wished to purchase, online buying was the most affordable and convenient alternative available to them. Keeping in mind these trends, online retailers are becoming more and more Internet savvy and acquainting themselves in search engine techniques and methods. Aspiring for increased online sales and staying ahead in this races, more and more online shopping website are becoming user friendly and do their level best to be in on the first page of the search result page. Meanwhile the websites undergo regular changes in their look and feel, display of new products and popular purchases and highlighting special offers as frequently as possible. In an initiative to make online shopping still more acceptable and popular, most of the online retailers are creating profiles on social book marking sites and getting their online reputation managed professionally. On the overall, UK online shopping base is set to expand tremendously at faster pace than other European countries brings forth a new surge of excitement and enthusiasm amongst UK online retailers and ecommerce websites

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Glassmaking in Medieval Europe and Renaissance – Venetian Glass, Murano Glass

After the fall of the Roman Empire, glassmaking in Europe came almost to a halt; in fact, the quality of glass even declined. Artistic glass ceased to be created, while some utilitarian glassware was still produced. Most pieces from the early medieval period are green or brown, with little variation in color. Bubbles and striations are also common and decorations were limited.

(To see related images, visit History of Glassmaking.)a>)

However, one region that developed a flourishing glass industry after that dark medieval period was Venice. A glass industry existed in Venice by the late 10th century, but it was not until the 13th century that the industry was fully established. Since 15th century, Venetian glass was exported to northern Europe, and during the Renaissance demand for Venetian glass greatly increased.

Venice had several advantages besides the quality of its glass. First, the geographical location was ideal. Second, eastern glass manufacturing declined after the fall of Constantinople, so that its glassmakers migrated to Venice and brought eastern glassmaking techniques. Third, Venice had strict rules concerning the migration of Venetian craftsmen; they were virtual prisoners in this Republic, while the rule was indeed effective in keeping the glassmaking secrets of Venice intact from outsiders. Penalties included imprisonment and even death.

In 1271, the center of Venetian glass industry was moved to the island of Murano. Some say this was a continuation of the strict rule of keeping secrets from outsiders; some say that it is because of fear of fire spreading from the furnaces. For whatever reason the industry was moved, most of what is called -Venetian- glass is actually made in Murano. Beads, beakers, and dishes were produced in the early periods.

Since around 1450, artistic glassware was also produced, stimulated by the Renaissance. Armorial flasks with gilded and enameled decorations were produced. Pictorial scenes took the place of simple geometric patterns.

The biggest change may be the shift from colored glass to cristallo. Cristallo was a clear glass which was almost colorless, with a pale yellow or brown tint. It was light and thin, and could be used for fancy decorations, so that Venetian glass using cristallo became famous throughout Europe. Another interesting type of glass was ice glass; hot glass was plunged into cold water, then immediately reheated and blown for a crackled ice effect.

Venetians also produced mirror glass and chandeliers, and the period of prosperity continued until the 18th century. After that, Bohemians and Germans took their place. Some Venetian glassmaking families still survive; for example, the Barovier family from the 15th century still makes Venetian style glassware.

Later, the English would create lead glass in an attempt to create more superior glass than the cristallo – it turned out that lead glass can sustain deeper cuts than cristallo. What we know as lead free crystal today is essentially the same type of glass.

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What Is A European-style Wedding Reception Hall

Offering a European-style venue for a wedding and the following reception has become very popular in recent years. In truth, these venues have probably been in demand for generations, with people from all over Europe seeking to bring some of their home traditions to this important event. These reception halls provide the ambience that many couples are seeking, often along with all the accoutrements that they could wish for.

European-style reception sites are booked solid for months in advance. The differences between standard American reception halls and those decorated to meet the specifications of a European theme are sometimes subtle, but often blatantly obvious. It is common for older buildings, especially those that resemble traditional castles, to be transformed into magical European kingdoms for each couple. As an aside, these same locations are often booked for other events that require a similar ambience.

A good example of the look and feel provided by a European-style wedding venue is that of a chalet adorned in a Trans-Carpathian theme. It incorporates (and supports) design elements and color schemes from the Balkans, especially Greek and Romanian blues and reds. Germans appreciate the reminder of the old world left behind, and Americans are drawn to the lighthearted spirit of the Roma. Some reception sites have gone so far as to present this theme in a wine cellar setting for ultimate authenticity.

A Tuscan-themed party is another favorite; depending on the couple’s preferences, the setting may either capitalize on the timeless elegance of the Italian Renaissance’s birthplace, or they may favor its rustic environs instead. The latter thrives on Tuscan wine, pork dishes, rustic breads and cheeses. Rather than formal seating, reception halls in this style may feature long tables and wooden benches, with food served family-style.

These venues frequently provide more than just ambience for guests. Receptions in these halls offer traditional music that complements the decor, as well as some well-known wedding traditions. Of course, these halls will very likely offer meal menus, preparation and service that is representative of the region. Professional event planners can assist couples design the wedding of their dreams.

Businesses within the wedding industry realize that the old-world charm of themed reception sites holds plenty of money-making opportunities on the commercial end, while offering the consumer exactly what they want. This is a win-win for both the business and the bridal party. May they all live happily ever after.

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