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Searching For The Whitest Sands And Bluest Ocean Waters Come Vist Esperance

April 21, 2014 | Comments Off on Searching For The Whitest Sands And Bluest Ocean Waters Come Vist Esperance

There is only one place that vacationers in Australia that are in search of the whitest sands, the bluest ocean waters and the friendliest local residents should be headed–and that would have to be Esperance, Western Australia! Situated on the shores of the Great Southern Ocean, on the southern coast of Western Australia and roughly nine hours by car from the territorial capital city of Perth, Esperance is the kind of dream-like getaway that visitors in this part of the country simply can’t afford to pass by without stopping for a while.

If one quality had to be singled out about Esperance as its biggest asset, it would have to be the utterly hypnotizing natural beauty. There’s no sense in seeking cosmopolitan pampering in this tiny community of fewer than 10,000 souls, so don’t come to Esperance seeking such vanities. A prime example of the natural beauty surrounding Esperance can be found out at Cape Le Grand National Park, situated slightly east of the town itself, which is the setting of pristine natural landscapes and the sightliest beaches you’ll ever behold. Then again, many visitors head on over to Pink Lake for another taste of natural wonder, one of several salty lakes dotting the area that owes its name to the salt-resistant red algae that thrive in its waters.

The climate in Esperance is typically Mediterranean, characterised by chilly and wet winter months followed by warm and dry summers. During summertime, there is the awesome natural phenomenon that generates the world-renowned Cyclops wave to behold, responsible for attracting surfers from across the globe every year and injecting Esperance with a rush of activity. This incredibly heavy and thick wave is known for furnishing among the most thrilling (and surely dangerous, so as not to be misleading) rides a surfer can find in all the oceans.

A curious little piece of history relating to Esperance relates to the 1979 debris-shower caused by the disintegration of Skylab in the upper atmosphere (Skylab was the first NASA space station ever). Thankfully no local residents or visitors were injured; the Shire of Esperance went ahead and fined the United States $400 for littering, which was only paid up in 2009 by an American radio station, theoretically on behalf of NASA.

With regards to Esperance accommodation possibilities, visitors in town will discover that regardless of their needs–from the plushest executive suite to a backpackers’ dig–they’ll find their match in Esperance. Among the better-known options are the Hospitality Inn Esperance, the Jetty Resort and Apartments, and the Esperance Island View Apartments.