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Resorts Versus Backpacking

March 30, 2014 | Comments Off on Resorts Versus Backpacking

Maybe it is even unfair to start comparing resorts and backpacking as these two types of travelling really are like night and day. While backpacking is almost always done on a shoestring, with a focus on travelling around a country and not on living comfortably at one particular place, they still can be categorized under the same roof under the broad term of tourism.

Living Large, Living Small

A backpacker is easy to spot with his slightly hunched forward walk due to an enormous- that is right- backpack. The backpacker will look as he just got off a bus and there is a pretty high probability, that is exactly what he did. The all-inclusive tourist on the other hand will wander the beach looking all rested and full as he probably had a breakfast buffet with world food to choose from.

The backpacker will likely have eaten some noodles or beans if any breakfast at all. Come dinnertime, the easiest way to locate the travel-torn backpacker is at the local hole-in-the-wall. If you are looking for your all-inclusive friend, look at the reading of the stars to the fanciest restaurants.

Their Habitats

The cockroach infested hostel with 18 people dorms and only one toilet, is the backpackers first choice of nesting. Here you will find them in droves, dragging their flip-flopped dressed feet down the hall towards the communion kitchen, or maybe just slouching in the living room. Quite a few of them are recognizable by their dreadlocks hairstyles.

At the luxury hotel, there are no dreadlocks allowed, with the exception of world-famous music artists. Here, balconies will likely have ocean views and/or stunning views of a big city skyline. The backpackers view, provided their habitat is equipped with a window, can be a brick wall or in best case scenario a back alley.

Their Appearance

As mentioned earlier, the backpacker can be identified by their dreadlocks, or by their loose-fitting wool pants, accompanied by a pair of flip-flops that more often than not has seen better days.

The luxury tourist will be seen in a tailor-made suit or a brand label evening gown as the sun settles in the sea, but during daytime you can often see them sporting loose-fitting shirts big on patterns. Their female counterparts usually opt for less is more since getting a tan is a number one priority.

The backpacker on the other hand is hesitant to crawl out of their cellars before dark, and if they do they carry protective clothing and the fly style sun-glasses. The backpacker, despite being on a budget, often find it within their limits to buy cigarettes.

The luxury tourist knows only all to well that smoking is hazardous to your health. They can be seen sipping on a vegetable juice drink, and red wine if it is from an appropriate district.

These are but a few things separating the backpackers vacation from the tourists staying at the all-inclusive resorts.