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Reserve Backpacker’s European Vacation Deals And Search For Information Regarding Renowned Piers And

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Sightseeing in Berlin on European Vacations

Berlin is a great place to start your European vacations. Probably the most famous landmark in the city, the partition between East and West was torn down in 1989, signaling the beginning of a new era for Germany. You can celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall by walking on whats left of it on Weddings southern border. At the Gedenksttte Berliner Mauer site there is a restored segment that’s located next to a documentation center where stories of people who have attempted to cross the wall are detailed. A former border crossing, the Sandkrugbrcke attracts many visitors who lay flowers on a stone that marks the first person who was shot dead trying to flee to the West. For a more comprehensive history of the Wall, head over to the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, where there is a museum you can visit. Before the sun sets, visit the picturesque Prenzlauer Berg district of Mitte at around 3 or 4 in the afternoon for kaffee und kuchen, a popular Berlin tradition of coffee and cake.

Discover Exciting Prague on European Vacations

Prague is a great start to your Eastern European vacations!Go clubbing and experience bar-top stripping and extreme drinking. Locally produced Czech beers are regarded as a national treasure. Gambrinus is the most popular, but not necessarily regarded as the best. That distinction is currently held by Kozels Medium — named Best Czech Beer by the Research Institute of Brewing & Malting Awards. But if you ask any local about their beer preference, Pilsner Urquell is the hands-down favorite; many say it is because of the water quality in the city which is used for brewing. Remember to also set aside a day or two from your clubbing to visit the sites in Prague. The astronomical clock in the town square has been in existence since 1490. Every hour between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening, wooden images of the Apostles emerge from the clock’s trap doors, while four figures representing Greed, Vanity, Death and the Turk are set in motion. While waiting for the show to start, kill time by trying to figure out the zodiac figures on the clock face!

Monaco Honeymoon European Vacations

Continue your wedding to the fairy-tale setting of Monaco, a popular honeymoon destination and travel spot for European vacations. The Principality of Monaco is less than two square miles, but is definitely not short on elegant offerings — the royal House of Grimaldi, the Paris Opera House, and the Monaco Grand Casino which is lavishly decorated with baroque-style rococo turrets, verdigris cupolas, and golden chandeliers. Monaco is an ideal harbor for the world’s longest and most luxurious yachts since the city-state has a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. Marvel at the architectural prowess of Old Town, which dates back to the medieval period. Navigate through the vaulted passageways and narrow streets branching off the main avenues. The Rock of Monaco houses the Princes Palace, where his Serene Highness Prince Rainier III romanced Grace Kelly. For the heady fragrance of over 7,000 types of flowers, visit the Jardin Exotique where the exquisite Princess Grace Rose Garden continues to flourish.

Spend Winter on Switzerland European Vacations

Enjoy the winter wonderland that is Switzerland on your European vacations!Atop the Matterhorn, the country’s most popular landmark, you will be treated to spectacular views of mountain ranges and quaint villages covered with perfectly white snow. Take part in the many winter activities offered such as cross-country skiing, horse sleigh rides, snowshoe trekking, skating, dog sledding, snowboarding, and tobogganing. Not too challenging for you?Experience a heart-pounding adrenaline rush by engaging in some extreme sports opportunities. Sign up for air boarding — glide through air on a modern inflatable body board and steer by shifting your weight. In snow kiting, you wear skis or a snowboard and are attached to a kite, letting the wind carry you off as if you are on your own personal ski lift!Only for the bold and adventurous!At the end of a grueling day, relax those tired and aching muscles in the heated pool of your hotel or resort.