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Reasons To Choose Paris For Your Short European City Break

September 22, 2014 | Comments Off on Reasons To Choose Paris For Your Short European City Break

The European city break has been an immensely popular type of holiday for many people in recent years, with them being only a weekend or slightly longer it has meant that people busy with work and other commitments can easily squeeze a trip in and the arrival of cheap flights in the early 2000s made flights incredibly cheap, boosting the city breaks popularity even further. But there are also people from many other parts of the world including the USA, Canada and even China that visit Europe for this type of holiday too.

Paris is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe for city breaks and it almost seems like the city was designed for this type of vacation, being a dense and close-knit city it makes travelling across the city incredibly simple when walking or using the public transport in the city. There is also the point that many of Paris notable landmarks and monuments are also found close by to one another making it a city break tourists dream. Many of these short breaks can be just two or three days and this makes it difficult for tourists to fit all of their plans in, but in Paris this is entirely possible.

Another plus point for Paris is that there are many different accommodation options available to tourists, many of which can provide that extra bit of luxury that makes your trip to the French capital one to remember. There are of course many hotels to be found in and around the city, but many people will want something more than just a standard hotel room and have opted for luxury apartment rentals instead.

A vacation rental in Paris provides essentially the Parisian lifestyle as to all intents and purposes you are living in a luxury apartment in Paris for however long you are vacationing in the city of love. With additional facilities you wouldnt normally get in a hotel room such as eating and dining areas, along with a full kitchen it means that you have more flexibility and opportunities to enjoy the local French food in the comfort of your own home.

With many of these luxury apartments selected for their prime location it makes sure you are guaranteed the perfect location in the heart of the city, with a view that showcases the city in the best light. If you have planned a European city break for your next holiday then consider Paris and its many attractions and experiences.