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Power Hungry Plasma Displays to Be Banned in Europe and California

November 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Power Hungry Plasma Displays to Be Banned in Europe and California

European Union and California wants to ban plasma screen televisions plasma screen televisions as they “guzzle” too much power and adds to the global warming issue.

Press Coverage on Ban: According to the Daily Express, “A 42in plasma television uses over twice as much power as a traditional television set. Some of the larger models can take as much as electricity to run a fridge freezer”.

LA Times reports that “(California) State regulators are getting ready to curb the growing power gluttony of TV sets by drafting the nation’s first rules requiring retailers to sell only the most energy-efficient models…”. The regulation is expected to pass in mid-2009. According to LA Times, “During a peak viewing time when most sets are on, such as the Super Bowl, TVs in the (California) state collectively suck up the equivalent of 40% of the power generated by the San Onofre nuclear power station running at full capacity. Televisions account for about 10% of the average Californian’s monthly household electricity bill”. Further the article goes to describe how Plasma screens are more power hungry than LCD screens.

Power Usage Comparison of Plasma vs LCD: We looked at various professional large screen displays that businesses would buy, to see if what is being reported is correct. Below we analyze some of the Plasma professional display brands against the Sharp LCD screens to understand how plasma screens compares with LCD screens. Our finding was that Plasma displays consumed almost twice as much power per display than LCD display of similar size.

Comparing Panasonic Plasma Display vs. Sharp LCD Display

65″ Panasonic Plasma Display: A 65inch professional plasma display by Panasonic (TH-65PF11), which is high definition display, consumes 755W of power, according to the company display brochure.

65″ Sharp LCD Display: A 65inch profession LCD display by Sharp (PN-S655), which is also a high definition display but using LCD technology, consumes 480W of power, according to the company display brochure.

We looked at other professional display brands to see their power consumptions.

60″ LG Plasma Display: LG does not offer a 65inch professional plasma display for business use. The 60inch plasma display LG plasma display (60PG70FR) uses (690W-760W) of power.

50″ Sony Plasma Display: The largest professional plasma display offered by Sony is 50inches (FWD-50PX3/S). The 50inch plasma display uses 440W of power compared to Sharp 46 inch LCD display using 312W of power.

Do your own analysis but it does seem that Plasma displays consume more power than LCD displays. By placing restrictions on display companies EU and California governments hope to encourage display companies to produce more efficient displays and TV screens. With the growth of flat-screen TVs, this is bound to make a difference. As consumers and the world gets more “green” conscious, it makes sense for business to be aware about recent trends as this will save them more money in the long run.

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