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Learning Management System Report for Europe

August 25, 2014 | Comments Off on Learning Management System Report for Europe

At the recently held Learning Technologies conference in London, a survey report was unveiled as a “barometer” on how eLearning is used in corporate Europe. To be specific, the report provides a breakup of the statistics on usage of Learning Management System solutions by country and industry sector in Europe.

The survey was restricted to France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands, and is based upon responses provided by 511 managers and training division heads in companies that have implemented e-Learning platforms.

The results, while not too surprising, are nevertheless quite interesting. Overall, the study shows that 40 percent of companies in the UK, Spain and Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg) have trained at least 50 percent of their employees via e-Learning. The laggard is France, which has a measly 17 percent rate of LMS adoption for e-Learning.

A few notable trends stand out in the report. For starters, the services industry is leading the way, with 43 percent of companies training over half their employees via e-Learning. The public sector in Europe is far, far behind at 25 percent and the rest of the industry is even worse off at 14 percent.

Size also seems to matter a lot, because the percentage of large companies in the mix shoots up sharply when looking at companies that been using e-Learning for at least 3 years. Large companies with more than 10,000 employees are at the forefront, accounting for 68 percent of the total companies using e-Learning platforms.

One of the more pertinent questions in the survey was what do they use it for? A full 75 percent use e-Learning for delivering core skills like IT and desktop use, health and safety practices, and for mandatory training on compliance issues.

Language training is not a major issue in the UK. But it makes up a big part of the usage on the mainland, led by Spain with 60 percent, Benelux with 43 percent and Italy with 30 percent.

As for the delivery methods, the second most popular mechanism is tutorless JIT (just in time) training, where employees sign in for specific training programs based on their immediate and changing work needs. This method was cited as being used by 58 percent of the companies.

But the single most popular method is blended training, which is being followed by 75 percent of the companies. In fact, 47 percent of this 75 percent say they plan to intensify use of blended training.

Coming back to France, the report says that it is possible that French companies using blended learning may have responded negatively about using a Learning Management System for employee training, and this may account for the big difference in e-Learning adoption rates between France and the rest of Europe. Either way, it’s likely that won’t be a problem going forward, because the report also says that the percentage of companies proving “little” training via e-Learning will drop from the 2010 rate of 37 percent to 15 percent in 2012.

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