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I Got a Party Bus for My Wedding Day!

September 18, 2016 | Comments Off on I Got a Party Bus for My Wedding Day!

There are limos and then there are limos. I guess that comes across a whole lot better when you hear it spoken. What I mean, though, is that a regular stretch limo is nice, but a party bus is a whole lot nicer. My dad rented a party bus in Toronto for my wedding. Mom put him in charge of the transportation, and he did a great job. I was expecting him to come back and tell me he got us a conservative stretch limo or maybe even an SUV limo. I would have been really surprised if he rented the Hummer limo. However, dad came back and told us he rented a party bus for the wedding day. I was really excited!

We wanted to all stick together on the wedding day, but I was not really wanting to climb in and out of a regular limo. It is so much easier to keep your hair, makeup and dress in nice shape if you do not have to climb in and out of vehicles. We knew the guys would not care, but we did not want them having wrinkled tuxes in the wedding photos from having to be cramped way inside a stretch limo. They are not the easiest vehicles to get in and out of without messing up your clothes at least a little bit. Now a party bus is like walking up a couple of stairs into a big room. You do not have to stoop or crawl over anything.

I like the party bus seating too. You can get ones that are arranged like a room where people can sit together, or you can get ones that have the seating down each side that faces each other. The big ones have a dance floor. The big party buses also have a beverage bar that goes all around the back of the seating along the perimeter of the bus too.