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How Backpackers Are Solo Travelers

March 10, 2014 | Comments Off on How Backpackers Are Solo Travelers

The backpackers of Europe are known to use the words that mean wornout or beat or in their case kaput. So, when your child goes off to Europe with just a backpack on hand, do not worry. Backpacker travel insurance is available.

For one thing, this is all more acceptable in the US. Strolling girls carrying their backpacks in Europe is not an uncommon view. The people most likely to notice are other backpackers and many Italian and Spanish men to whom the pack itself is irrelevant.

Making a few changes with the backpack is what has been going on in Europe for more than a few years. Getting a precise figure on the number of backpackers is difficult. There are more people in the younger age bracket traveling to Europe during this summer compared to the previous one. But determining the exact number of kids lugging packs is as elusive as predicting their destinations. A wellknown East Cost store said that their sales of backpacks this year grew up to 100 percent because of people who were going to Europe.

There is simply one thing in every young backpacker’s mind and that is to unwind and rest. So your tent leaked in Copenhagen and your sleeping bag got soaked? It does not matter, fold it up and keep on going until you reach Amsterdam.

Written in an American student guidebook is this flippant attitude. Scenarios on backpacking to each country are displayed in the book and it even gives tips like tearing out the pages that are important. Filling in the spaces of hitchhiker’s backpacks are only essentials so brining a whole book to the trip may occupy too much.

A common story is that of a couple from Canada who, on their first day over, mailed home 14 pounds of clothes. It is easy to spot backpacking Canadians as their famous red maple leaf flag is always evident among their belongings. Under no circumstances must anyone mistake them for Americans. By contrast, almost no American flags are sewn on packs although a circular peach emblem superimposed on a background of stars and stripes crops up now and then.

If the youth of America try to douse nationalism, reminders of the US still follow them. Aside from the backpacks they carry, travelers also wear the same thing and those are jeans. With pretty little patches, or embellishments, even just plain blue jeans, it comes it many looks.

All alone or with someone is how backpackers like to travel and hardly do we see them in large groups. Backpacking allows many people to cross paths and then find their own way in their journey. Backpackers in most cases are not vagabonds. Several backpackers still choose to speak with their families while on their trip. A word from the wise, it is always safer to get travel insurance for trips that may require you to be more careful because this can save your life.