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Go For A Company That Specialise In Backpacker Insurance

May 20, 2014 | Comments Off on Go For A Company That Specialise In Backpacker Insurance

Though many companies advertise backpacker insurance, if you go with a company that specialises in insurance for backpackers you’ll have more chance of getting cover for the things that matter to you.

Backpacker’s travel insurance is sometimes regarded as being the cheapest insurance around even by backpackers who are only interested in a cheap price rather than getting what’s best for them. Even if you’re traveling direct to the UK you can bet you’re not going to just sit in your hostel once you arrive, so put a bit of thought into your travel insurance.

There are certain givens you want as standard in your policy:

Unlimited overseas hospital, medical and emergency evacuation. Also, not all insurance companies cover you for emergency dental to get you over the worst unless you pay an extra premium, so look out for companies that include emergency dental as standard.

24/7 contact for emergencies. Travel insurance companies invariably farm the emergency evac portion out to the experts because it’s a specialised field. You don’t want just anybody, only the best, so find out the details.

Reverse charge to Australia for all general insurance and claims from anywhere in the world.

Other areas you should seriously consider including are:

Trip Resumption. It’s a slightly misleading term that refers to paying your expenses if you need to return home for an emergency and then paying your fare back to where you broke your journey. Good stuff for anyone who’s going to be gone long term, and that’s most backpackers.

Trip Delay. Because trekkers are often on the move, and don’t necessarily travel when the weather’s fine and warm, this could be another must have. It may depend more on where you’re travelling and what time of year i.e. during winter to cities that periodically get snowed in, though with the way air travel can be this could be for anyone.

iTrek travel insurers say they pay up to $200 per day if you’re bogged down and can’t get out, which could mean the difference between sleeping out flat in a hotel room or cramped up on an airport lounge.

Excess Eliminator. Insurance companies wack an excess on a number of claim areas, such as theft of cash. Check if the company you’re comparing allows you to pay what’s termed an Excess Eliminator. It’s usually just a small fee.

Backpacker insurance is specialised so make sure you go with a company that knows how you tick.