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Get Backpacker’s European Vacation Deals And Search For Information Regarding Attractive Churches An

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A Taste of Dublin on European Vacations

If you have no problem gulping down beer at any time of the day, then Dublin is your dream destination for European vacations. Locals report that Kehoes is the best place to head to for the perfect pint of Guinness. The friendly bar staff will make sure you will never have an empty mug even on crowded nights when customers gather around the stairs to chat. The Porterhouse, Dublin’s old microbrewery pub, sells its own label — its ales, stouts and lagers are reputed to be the best you can find at the stores. Accompany your drink with the pubs excellent Irish stew, which will fill you up at an unbelievable price. Do not miss out on the charming Temple Bar neighborhood, which features architectural marvels, eco-friendly schemes, and cobblestone streets lined with art galleries, cafes, and bars. The best day to be in Dublin is March 17 — St. Patrick’s Day — when there is no need for an excuse to drink. Watch the parade and see some of the best street performers in Europe during the four-day event. If you don’t want to be pinched by the locals, do not wear anything but green!

Learn About Historic Moscow on European Vacations

A visit to historic Moscow would make your European vacations even more memorable. The Moscow Kremlin has witnessed many significant events in history, and is now one of the worlds largest museums. The cathedrals and chambers of the Kremlin are rife with state regalia from ancient Russia, valuable icons and treasures of several Russian czars. On the premises is the Spasskaya Tower, constructed by architect Pietro Antonio Solari in 1491. Located at the main gate of the complex, the Spasskaya is one of the most beautiful towers in the Kremlin. Another must-see is the Emperor Cannon at the Ivanovskaya Square of the Cathedral of Twelve Apostles. Created by Andrey Shchokhov in 1586, the cannon is the world’s oldest and biggest with dimensions of 5 meters and 34 centimeters, a barrel measuring 120 centimeters in diameter, and an 890-millimeter caliber. Set at Moscow’s Gun Court, the Emperor Cannon was used during the reign of Fyodor, the son of Ivan the Terrible. A visit to Red Square should complete your Moscow journey.

Enjoyable European Vacations to Vienna

Round off your European vacations with a trip to Vienna to learn about its art and culture the city has a long tradition. The Vienna State Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, is a beautiful structure, especially at night, where you can catch world-class performances of opera 50 to 60 times a year. Take a peek at the imperial jewels of the Habsburgs royal family exhibited at the Hofburg Museum. The Sisi Museum is devoted to the Empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Austria, and allows guests to view the imperial apartments. The Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum have numerous paintings by old masters, and ancient and classical artifacts. There is much to learn about Austrian art and culture at Vienna’s museum quarter — a museum complex refurbished from old imperial stalls in the 1990s. The complex houses, among others, the Leopold Museum, home to one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art and featuring artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Authentic Scandinavian Cuisine on Copenhagen European Vacations

Food is an important part of European vacations, and Copenhagen offers visitors an authentic Scandinavian experience. Chow down some fish dumplings and pickled herring — local delicacies that have become a huge part of the history and culture of Denmark. With its island location, it comes as no surprise that seafood is fresh and plentiful, and features prominently on menus. The smrrebrd is probably the most famous Danish dish, generally eaten for lunch. The smrrebrd is an open-faced sandwich which uses dark rye bread and is usually topped with roast beef or pork, eel, venison, smoked salmon, or liver pt. Eating on the cheap is not hard to do in Copenhagen. You can easily spot fried sausages from the numerous vendors lining the city streets, as well as the local Carlsberg beer brewed here since 1847. For a taste of adventure, try a sip of aquavit, a very strong brandy with caraway scent. Looking for upscale dining options to celebrate special events?Copenhagen has the most number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the country — 13 as of 2009.