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European Socialism Is Supporting Islamo-fascism

December 19, 2014 | Comments Off on European Socialism Is Supporting Islamo-fascism

Multi-culturalism leads ineluctably to the collapse of civilization. It divides up society into groups and protest fora. It destroys the majoritarian culture and intelligent political discourse. It excuses itself from the difficult tasks of building civilization. It acquiesces as political demagogues usurp more power and more money, to appease cultural and societal sensibilities. So it comes to pass that socialist sympathy allies itself with Islamo-fascism.

European Marxist, socialist movements and ideologies created various strains of fascism, communism and communal programs, designed to rid the world of decadent bourgeois liberalism. Now in Islam these groups of anti-reality ignorance have found a willing ally. Islam dedicated to the dismemberment of the modern world, is only too happy to receive money and blessings from spiteful socialists.

It is however a curious alliance. Socialist groups run the gamut of Marxian posturing from protectioninsts, to feminists, to gay culture supporters, to supporters of ever large government. Single issue socialists are as common as single issue conservatives. But in an ironic historical turn of fate the European Marxist once the champion supposedly of female rights, the gay lifestyle, freedom of speech is now embracing Islamofascism which prescribes the opposite of what liberal-socialists apparently advocate.

What do the European Marxists and Islamo-fascists have in common? A hatred of capital markets, the USA and Jews. These enmities are profound, deranged, absurd and illogical. But they inflame the European Marxist heart to such a degree that an alliance with Islamo-fascism is preferred to meaningful systemic reform of European Western civilization. Truly bizarre.

Some areas where European socialists find common cause with those flexible, freedom loving Muslims are: the wearing of the hijab; the beating of women; mandating that government not ask personal or moral questions of any immigrant [including illegal ones]; outlawing hate’ speech against Islam; using public money to build mosques and separate Islamic school systems; an increase in welfare for Muslim immigrants amongst other programs.

Even in that supposed right-wing bastion of England [the UK is markedly socialist], Tony Blair’s government enacted the so-called, Racial and Religious Hatred Act,’ which criminalizes any comment against religious persons or beliefs.’ I guess one cannot even debate the very valid point that Islam is not a religion but a fascism. That is healthy for the concept of free speech I suppose. No one seems to object if I call Blair a moron, or Jesus an illiterate Jewish slob who was mentally unhinged enough to call himself the son of a God. That is okay.

In Holland, a recent study by the University of Amsterdam’s Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies found that 80% of immigrants most of whom are of course Muslim, voted for socialist parties in recent elections. In Belgium, left-wing apologists have openly thanked Muslim immigrants for blocking the supposedly right wing’ Vlaamse Blok [Flemish Block] from gaining power in the Belgian parliament. Throughout the Nordic countries and in France and Germany, the Muslims who bother to vote do so in overwhelmingly huge numbers for parties that promise welfare; social support increase; or income transfers.

Seen from the what is in this for me’ angle the Muslim support of ever expanding socialism makes sense. To gain and keep power socialists pander to multi-ethnics and concepts of compassionate and love. Supporting immigration has been a serious plank in all socialist platforms. Domestically the caring statist has much to gain from Muslim and multi-cult support.

This also means that in foreign policy, the merry Marxists are anti-American and anti-Jew. This natural hostility will only increase as Muslim’s with money start to grease socialist parties financial needs, and actively join electoral slates. With many countries sporting 2 or more socialist entities engaged in the struggle for power, the Muslim vote of course, becomes ever more crucial.

Europe has a long history of Marxist support for anti-modern and quite illiberal ideologies. European and UK socialists supported the national-socialist cult of Hitler; the communist madness of the Soviet Union; the post modern Marxist hatred of Western culture as espoused by Foucault and Derrida; Mao; Castro and sundry Islamic and anti-Jew fascisms in the Middle East and beyond.

In short European socialism has a long and sick love affair with ideologies and forces designed to eradicate liberty and destroy civilization. In this regard European left wing support for Islam is not only historically consistent but incredibly dangerous.