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European Magnesium Prices Stable Demand For Long Single

July 26, 2014 | Comments Off on European Magnesium Prices Stable Demand For Long Single

Recently, the European magnesium prices remain stable,boron powder, since the beginning of this month rose 100 U.S.

dollars / ton (4%), the recent changes in smaller, more demand for a long single.

Rotterdam European magnesium prices for 3330-3350 to the storage spot USD / ton. European

magnesium prices in November 2008 to the current price, the price for the year reached $ 6,100

Mg / ton record high prices.

One trader said received many orders for delivery in the second half, although the third and

fourth quarter, most of the length of a single transaction has been completed, he argues that

the June price fluctuations are relatively small space.

According to traders that the U.S. aluminum company recently achieved with the current spot

price of 18,000 tons of magnesium a long single tender in the second half, prompting an increase

in market volume of such transactions. Traders said prices in the $ 3150 should be marked / ton.

However, despite the world’s premier supplier of magnesium – magnesium China stocks much,metal powder exporter, but the

current lack of sufficient purchasing power to support the market price rebound expected $ 3,500

/ ton.

A trader is reported in recent days to $ 3,380 / ton price reached a 25-ton metal magnesium


Another trader is using the current exchange rate of the euro against the U.S. dollar 1 to 2

cents a strong tendency to lock the first quarter of next year, the long list.

Although the median price was approaching $ 1.5, but the euro’s recent weakness again, the

European sovereign debt crisis risks still exist, the exchange rate fell again early on Monday

to nearly 1.4 U.S. dollars.

China, Shanxi local government last month issued a new access standards magnesium industry,boron powder

manufacturers, the industry increased supervision, post-production will be centralized,

export volume is expected to decrease. Source: