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European Debt Crisis On China’s Influence Increases

November 29, 2014 | Comments Off on European Debt Crisis On China’s Influence Increases

European debt crisis while increasing the EU’s demand for China, but trade disputes between the two sides are on the rise. Recently, the European debt crisis continued to deteriorate. Future trend variables increase. Euro-group is the world’s second-largest economy. The EU is the world’s largest economies, European debt crisis already breaking through the euro-zone and EUEU- its systemic implication for the global economy is increasingly emerging. China-EU economic and trade relations are also very close, so increasing challenges to negative influences of China and the European debt crisis may also be further highlighted.

Growth in Chinese exports to Europe are slowing down. European countries to deal with the debt crisis, deficit, promoting a tightening, the main approach is a tax increase, and the other is cutting government spending, spooked people’s spending power and economic vitality. Negative effects on the economy started to become clear. According to the latest statistics of the European Union, Germany’s economy began to slow down, Britain. France is growing very slowly. Italy, and Spain are little growth in Portugal and Greece economy is still contracting, even the relatively robust economic Constitution of the Nordic country’s economy also began to decline, such as a the Netherlands economy there have been the unexpected contraction in the third quarter.

Showing more fully the European debt crisis, affecting the euro area and EU economic growth. Moreover, the current EU economy as a whole has been signs of a recession in case, European countries are still big fiscal belt-tightening, such as France to ensure that the AAA sovereign credit rating, has recently introduced the actually claim to be the biggest fiscal austerity since 1945. This will no doubt further hamper European consumer demand in the future. The EU is China’s largest export markets. Weak consumer market of the European Union will continue to reduce the demand for Chinese’s products, is not conducive to China’s exports to Europe.

Inaddition toeconomic impact, European debt crisis has further changed the EU’s strength comparison, opportunities and challenges inSino-EU relations will enter a new stage ofthe synchronization increasecrease. crcrisis. Theutlook ofthe EUisnot conducive tostable and healthy development ofSino-European rerelations. China’seaders have repeatedly expressed confidence inthe eurozone and the European Union inovercoming the crisis. But the European debt crisis onthe euro and the European Union tothe fundamental solution ofself-help. Atpresent, European debt crisis has reached a new stage ofa very dangerous, ifnot effectively resolve, not only can lead toretrogression ofEuropean integration, will give more serious negative impact onthe global economy. This ishate tosee other countries, including China.