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Europe becomes an European to dispute a little bit hot

July 25, 2014 | Comments Off on Europe becomes an European to dispute a little bit hot

China of rising with in great quantities Chinese merchandise appear one that the shelf in Europe becomes an European to dispute a little bit hot.A large question mark hangs in the European sky-“is China an opportunity or a challenge to Europe?”Therefore.Man virtuous Er Sen set this document actually want an answer to this problem.

Also hand over for European people’s 1 to treat.Hence.Man virtuous office of Er Sen starts an activity that is named “the public consult” on May 8.Let European business enterprise and trading relationship in Europe of the people to the future of the development put forward an opinion.On September 7.European Commission declares movable be over.Receive a great deal of questionnaire.These opinions are embodying to trade a strategic document to China at EU after gathering.EU trades a strategic document to theme stated in opening chapterly put forward “China is the most important challenge of foreign trade EU policy” to China.But also point out at the same time”regardless is China or EU.All benefit from the economy of China rising”.Two documents”balance”s relate to to China politics and economics interesting BE.The this report reporter still understands.

Man the virtuous Er Sen and the diplomacy member of committee tile Er virtuous Ms. Na of EU announced to appear “Dou in the nest” for these two documents.This year early time.EU trades some officials of total department.Even Man virtuous Er Sen I declare an independent trade strategic document in the public for many times.Separate to China policy document with EU.9 beginning of the months.When reporter begged a certificate toward virtuous Ms. Na of tile Er.Tile Er virtuous Ms. Na but insist:”We absolute deliver a to China policies documents.Is absolute!”On October 24.The European Commission formal description is “trading a strategic document to China” is a “sister document”(accompaniedby) of EU to China policy document to appear.