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Do You Know These Basic Knowledge about the European Style Furniture

October 7, 2014 | Comments Off on Do You Know These Basic Knowledge about the European Style Furniture

Color The background color of the European style decoration is always the white and tinge. As for the furniture, it is better to choose the white and dark color ones, and the most principle you have to comply is the harmonious style between furniture and home decoration. At the same time, you have to pay more attention on the shell fabric and texture of some fabrics. For example, it is not better to choose the shell fabric made from linen and canvas, if you choose the silk shell fabric, it would be more noble.

Carpet Believe it or not, the main role in the European style home decoration should be played by the carpet. If the carpet you have chosen is so comfortable with the elegant design, it would be so harmonious with the European style furniture. When choosing the carpet, it is better to choose the ones with quietly elegant pattern and color, otherwise it would be conflicting with the quiet style of European classical furniture if you choose the too showy carpet.

In short, you’d better to choose the elegant home decoration accessories, some low-quality classical European style furniture would give people the rigid feeling. In addition, it is better to pay attention on the material quality of European style furniture. As usual, the material are able to show the boldness of vision. Meanwhile, if the material for edge banding is poor, there would be unsmooth situation on the furniture surface. If the gap at the crack between a door and its frame is too large, it means the coarse workmanship. It is easy to be out of shape for a long time.

Finally, I will discuss how to maintain the European style furniture. If there is dirty on the furniture surface, you’d better use feather duster or other soft cleaning tool to wipe off the dust on surface before cleaning, and then use the soft cloth to wipe gently, sometimes you can wet the cleaning cloth with water or cleaning mixture. As for plate, you can use the furniture nursing liquid at fixed periods and maintain the clean status inside the cabinet.

In order to keep the bright color on furniture surface for a long time, furniture should be avoided being exposed under the sunlight for a long time. In daily life, please don’t place too cold or too hot items on furniture directly, meanwhile, not to place objects with the shape edges and corners on furniture.

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