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I Got a Party Bus for My Wedding Day!

There are limos and then there are limos. I guess that comes across a whole lot better when you hear it spoken. What I mean, though, is that a regular stretch limo is nice, but a party bus is a whole lot nicer. My dad rented a party bus in Toronto for my wedding. Mom put him in charge of the transportation, and he did a great job. I was expecting him to come back and tell me he got us a conservative stretch limo or maybe even an SUV limo. I would have been really surprised if he rented the Hummer limo. However, dad came back and told us he rented a party bus for the wedding day. I was really excited!

We wanted to all stick together on the wedding day, but I was not really wanting to climb in and out of a regular limo. Read more →

Holiday and Travel in the Baltic State Region

If you’re planning to holiday or travel within the Baltic Region of Northern Europe then be prepared to be spoilt for choice. The region has a wealth of wonder to satisfy all ages and budgets.

The Baltic Region is generally considered to include the countries that have a shoreline along the Baltic Sea; Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden and Poland.

The actual Baltic States however are Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

For the sake of ‘containment’ this article will focus mainly upon the area of the Baltic States.

The three countries each have their own identities, but in common they all offer a wonderful range of sights and activities; from medieval cities, quality cuisine and hotels for all types of tastes and budget.

The nightlife and entertainment scene is growing and becoming ever more a magnet for visitors.

However for the more sedate traveller there are also magnificent and immaculate landscapesand seascapes to explore; a photographer’s paradise.

Let’s then have an overview of what each country has to offer; taking for granted that the accommodation, cuisine and entertainment will certainly be to your liking.

ESTONIA’s capital, Tallinn is a city incorporating modern themes and architecture. Tallinn has also preserved its ‘Old Town’. Old Town is an historical monument to the country’s proud history and a fascinating attraction.

The beaches are not really for sun worshipers as they’re rocky, rugged and spectacular.

Did you know that the country boasts well in excess of a thousand islands? Well you do now.

The whole country is interspersed with icons of the past; castles, fortresses, churches and museums.

It really is a place for the curious wanderer; there are old-growth forests and a plethora of beautiful lakes.

LATVIA sits between Estonia and Lithuania with strong links to both these countries.  Latvia is a delightful blend of both ancient and modern; with contemporary and ancient themes of architecture and culture providing a most eclectic and rewarding mix.

It is a very ‘green’ country, with plenty of sweeping unspoilt countryside, to which everyone has access. Ideal for nature lovers and healthy folk of all ages.

Riga, the capital, is a particularly beautiful city that highlights Latvia’s cultural diversity. There’s plenty to see and do; one of the most popular attractions is the city’s huge market. The market teems with activity and is a kaleidoscope of colour and choice. A must visit.

LITHUANIAis by comparison a very small country, a small country with a strong national identity.

The capital, Vilnius, is a major attraction with a burgeoning night scene and fabulous relics and reminders of its oft harrowing past. It is not huge, but it is certainly delightful.

The country offers a treasure trove of natures’ delights. A most tranquil experience for any visitor;relax, explore, enjoy!

THE BALTIC REGION, as opposed to the Baltic States, offers a much more expansive and diverse opportunity for travellers. Take in the magnificent city of Russia’s St Petersburg; absorb the wonderful cultures, art and architecture of Sweden, Finland and Denmark.

There are so many more treasures awaiting you on the Baltic coastline and one of the best, most relaxing ways to visit the region is to take a cruise.

Cruising The Baltic coastline really is an attractive option. Travel in style and be taken to the doorstep of fabulous countries without all the hassle.

There are many cruise ship operators offering a wide range of options. Let them plan your trip, let them take you tofairy-tale places of dreams; including perhaps a trip through Norway’s spectacular Fjords or a guided tours of such wonders as the city of Stockholm or the breath-taking Lithuanian Tall Ship Regatta. And of course much, much more.

There are many well established and trusted tour operators out there vying for your business.

So now is a good time for you to take the plunge and book a vacation of a lifetime … time to discover and experience the serenity and energy of The Baltics!


3 Stars Hotel To Book In Medan

Who say that you need big amount of money to have good time in Medan. There is 3 stars hotel in Medan from Mister Aladin to book that allows either leisure or business traveler to have good place to stay when spending some of their time there. Mister Aladin is a trusted site to book hotel online. As you get access for the hotel online, effortlessly you can pick any 3 stars hotel that fit your need. Jot the options down by choosing the hotel that you need through your destination, hotel rates, recommendation from Mister Aladin, or else, reading reviews will help you a lot. Sofyan Hotel Saka is worth booking for travelers who look for good hotel to stay in Medan Baru for IDR 400,000. If you choose to stay inside the hotel, a good coffee shop is there for you to enjoy. For travelers who also shoppers, you can have so much fun with easy to access shopping center. The hotel is built strategically to ease its guests to visit tourist attraction there.

Staying in Medan City Center, Hermes Palace Hotel Medan will improve your experience traveling to Medan. If you think that you have no energy to wander around the city, relax your body and mind with massage service that is available there. With free Wi-Fi connectivity for each room, guests  even will the idea about staying inside the room. When it comes to this hotel, the price starts from IDR 555,632 for standard room. Obviously, you can find many other options for hotel with 3 stars in Medan even the one that is under IDR 400,000. You need only to adjust your search with hotel 3 stars in Medan that fits with your budget. Booking online hotel with 3 stars in Medan online through Mister Aladin, it means, you need only to pay the price that is displayed. Nothing like additional or hidden fees that will burden you.

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Taking Time out for One Another is Important

I have had the luck of being married to my beautiful wife for three years. Prior to that, I was single for about 6 years, and married to someone else for the 10 years prior to my six single years. I have to say that my previous marriage was a rough one, and being on my own for many years helped me to reflect on what I needed to do differently going forward so that my next relationship would have a chance at thriving long term. I read as much as possible, and learned that adult toys (including wild things like ball gags) and being kind, calm and romantic all go a very long way to a successful relationship.

Let me go back and explain my first marriage. As I said previously, we were married for 10 years. We were high school sweethearts. I loved her with all my heart. Read more →

The Exploitation of the Mundane

Knowing how to save money when you’re running a small business consisting of only yourself is a must have. Time is an important part of that equation which becomes something of a currency to gauge a personal value against. The time I spend searching for utilities to help buffer the encroaching march of time threatening my projects is a willing investment; especially so when I’ve found a high quality free receipt template that allows me to pump out quirky and good looking receipts that serve both as a bill of sale and a small piece of marketing. I’ll reach customers however I can, even if it means a lasting memory of a quirky receipt. Read more →

Perfect Europe Tour and Travel Company

The beautiful European continent is the perfect getaway for a memorable holiday experience. There is something for every traveller in Europe, right from the romantic destinations of Paris and Venice to the serene alpine valleys. There are luxurious landscapes and centuries old rich culture that invites people to visit this enchanting continent.

Europe has a myriad of flavours to offer avid visitors, right from history to technology to food to culture to fashion to music to shopping to almost everything one can think of. Europe boasts of a splendid blend of a rich cultural heritage and the trendy and modern era of today. It is a popular destination and several tourists come for a holiday here. This luxurious continent is just incomparable. All around the world. The European standards are followed to maintain unparalleled quality. Europe is home to the most marvellous cities and some exquisite natural settings in the world. We can guide you in the best possible way for having the ultimate experience to explore the fascinating culture that awaits you.

All European countries are famous but the most favourite countries in Europe which are frequented by visitors are Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark and France. Here is a list of the places that you just cannot afford to miss:-

Rome- This eternal city has a two thousand seven hundred year old history and is known as the city of seven hills.

Athens- The Acropolis boasts of a 3400 year old history, ancient temples, churches, early modern neoclassical mansions and birth of the Western civilization.

Barcelona- This Spanish city is home to Gaudi architecture.

Paris- The romance capital of the world and the capital city of France too. It is situated on the banks of the River Seine.

Istanbul- It is the only major city which is spread to two continents and is a charmng blend of the East and the West.

Amsterdam- The city of canals which has more than 1500 bridges. The attitude of people here is very liberal which is the reason for its popularity.

Berlin- The capital of Germany has emerged as the international cultural city and has seen major development after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990. Prague- It is known as the magical city which has beautiful bridges over the Vltava River.

Moscow- The largest city of Europe which has a vibrant nightlife and is known for the exemplary Kremlin.

London- The multicultural capital city of Britain which is truly lively.

Some of the most advanced civilizations of the world have left their mark in Europe over several years which has transformed into an extraordinary cultural heritage today. Te foundation of Western culture was laid in the Ancient Greece which has greatly influenced the politics, philosophy, language and education systems of Europe. The Roman Empire occupied major part of the European continent after Ancient Greece which was undoubtedly among the greatest civilizations of the world. Many Roman ruins can be traced in the form of Pantheon, Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

Golden Compass is a Group Travel Operator in UK and Europe specialize in Escorted tours, Senior tours, Educational tours, small group tours and Cultural tours.

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European Speed Limits

European Speed Limits

Speed limits differ throughout Europe and depend on what type of road you are travelling on and which country you are in. Some countries even have different limits for learner and inexperienced drivers.

The very first UK motorways did not have set speed limits but after the amount of crashes began to get ridiculous a speed limit of seventy miles per hour was introduced. There has been much debate as to whether to raise the limit to reach eighty miles per hour but as it stands the seventy miles per hour limit is the law.

French motorway systems have a slightly different system. Variable speed limits are put into play and they depend on the weather. In dry conditions the limit is usually eighty miles per hour but in wet conditions this is reduced to seventy. In 2002 the French government took steps to introduce some speed calming measures and the use of radar guns was implemented.

Germany is known for its autobahn roads not having speed limits. Trucks, buses and cars with trailers are subject to speed limits though. It is not unusual for traffic to reach limits of 125 miles per hour although there is a recommended limit of eighty miles per hour. Currently insurance payments can be dropped if the recommended speed limit is exceeded. Not all autobahn areas are speed free however, certain areas are subject to limits in order to reduce noise.

Italian highways are set at an upper speed limit of eighty miles per hour and a seventy miles per hour limit is imposed on windy roads and in bad weather. On new and clear, straight roads a limit of 95 miles per hour is imposed.

Swiss autobahns usually have a maximum speed limit of seventy five miles per hour and dual carriage ways have a speed limit of 65 miles per hour generally.

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How to Immigrate to European Union

The European Union is composed of 27 individual state, they give the right to each individual on how to obtain a citizen of an E.U. nation state. In Migrating to E.U. each citizen are allow to live, to travel and to have a job in the state they want to reside. Once you get married to an E.U. resident of course you are free of charge when you desire to tour, go to work or maybe you want to evacuate with no troubles to some E.U. state.te.

As we look at it, through out of 27 E.U. states in obtaining this particular immigration programs such as foreign work programs, the means of how to obtain citizenship, job loss charge, the legacy of citizenship and new certified immigration programs into which to allocate persons to stay a single or some states.

Through this opportunity, Migrating to E.U. has a various immigration programs. The only advantage of citizenship in an E.U. is the rule and policy to one state with the purpose to stay and be employed. As a result, this means that anyone who turns out to be a citizen of any E.U. state mechanically grants E.U. citizenship.

A citizenship against residency has a certain variation of becoming a citizen and a resident to one of the E.U. nation. Thus, citizenship is usually obtained through birth, marriage, such as long term residency and family members. Lastly, citizen has a right is to stay and find work in an E.U. state in which it possesses foreign citizenship passport. On the other hand, different nations have different policy and systems are intended for an individual to have a resident ahead of the possibility to apply for citizenship.

People have different reason why they want to have a Europe Union Citizenship or work permit for EU. Since, it is not consider as necessary in paying an EU immigration attorney. An EU guide will take you for an hour to read it, and pending on your proficiency. The more the experience you have the more you are able to do it in your own way.

Author Justin P. Dunphy is fund to writes about Offshore Asset Protection. He likes to share his knowledge about creating a new identity in using a Immigration to Europe Union.

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Rising gas demand in Western European markets continues to offer growth opportunities

The Western European Gas Market Outlook 2008: Country profiles of supply, demand, regulation and infrastructure European gas markets continue to experience rapid changes driven both by liberalization and new market entrants. Rising gas demand in Western European markets continues to offer growth opportunities. The Western European Gas Market Outlook 2008 is a newly updated management report that examines the role gas plays in each of the major Western European markets and analyses the differences that exist in terms of gas self sufficiency, and future growth of demand. This report provides new and updated analysis of 19 Western European gas markets, with detailed data on supply and demand balances. Each country profile features supply and demand overviews, an examination of key governmental, legal and political influences on the sector and an analysis of wholesale trading and the pipeline, LNG and storage infrastructure. Use this report to identify and exploit new profit opportunities created by Western European gas market expansion and anticipate future market risks.

The changes in Western Europe’s electricity markets stemming from liberalisation, EU enlargement, new market entrants and environmental issues continue to drive dynamism in the market. The Western European Electricity Market Outlook 2008 is a newly updated management report that provides a comprehensive examination of the electricity market landscape in each of the major Western European markets and predicts future market trends. This report also provides an in-depth analysis of 19 highly dynamic Western European electricity markets, with detailed data on supply and demand balances. The country profiles also feature an overview of supply and demand, an examination of key governmental, legal and political influences on the sector and an analysis of international trading and infrastructure. Use this report to identify and exploit new profit opportunities created by Western European electricity market expansion and anticipate future market risks.

This new report will provide you with…

Profiles of each country’s electricity infrastructure detailing installed capacity by plant type, power stations, transmission and distribution networks, ownership and also full colour maps of each country’s power grids.

Electricity supply data in GWh including power production and capacity by fuel input, and import and export levels from 1990 to 2007.

Key electricity demand data in GWh by consumer type detailing residential and industrial usage including end-user demand data from 1990 with forecasts to 2020.

Analysis of each country’s regulatory structures including EC directives, local legislation, market reforms, re-structure, tariffs, key players and foreign investment helping you to understand the Western European competitive landscape.

Some key questions answered by this report…

How has electricity production and consumption changed over time?

What are the supply balances for each country and how much power is traded with whom?

Who are the key producers and distributors of electricity in Western Europe?

What is the timetable for liberalisation in each of the Eastern European energy markets?

For further information, please visit the following link:


Contact us at:

Bharat Book Bureau 207, Hermes Atrium, Sector 11, PO Box.54, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400 614, India. Phone : +91 22 2757 8668 / 2757 9438 Fax : +91 22 2757 9131 E-mail : Website :

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European Tour plays last home game

The European Tour plays its last event in Europe for season 2010 when the Andalucia Valderrama Masters is played at the famed Valderrama on the Sotogrande in the south west of Spain.

The remaining European Tour events of 2010 are to be played in Asia and the Middle East the season culminating in the Dubai World Championship beginning on November 25th.

The event will be played over the Golf Club de Valderrama’s Robert Trent Jones Snr designed layout, a golf course originally built in 1985 but one that has seen plenty of drama in it short history. For many years the venue played host to the season ending Volvo Masters and famously in 1997 for the Ryder Cup in which the Europeans withstood a brilliant late challenge by the Americans to win narrowly.

This week’s field contains seven of the recent successful European Ryder Cup team headed by the world number three Martin Kaymer.

Kaymer’s rapid rise in the rankings in recent months has him on the verge of becoming the world number one. A win this week would do that as he currently stands only 0.28 of one point behind Tiger Woods.Golf Accessories

Kaymer arrives in Spain in rare form having won at each of his last three starts at the PGA Championship, the KLM Open and at the Dunhill Links.

US Open Champion Graeme McDowell is the next highest ranked player in the field. The Northern Irishman has missed only one cut in seven starts since Pebble Beach and although not at the peak he was then he is not far from it and should do well.

The Molinari brothers seems to be in the thick of every tournament they play now, Ross Fisher has been steady since his Irish Open win and Miguel Angel Jimenez has won three events on this season’s schedule.Golf Garden

Playing at home and on a golf course he has won on previously should work well for Jimenez.

One player for whom there will be much interest and affection is Jose Maria Olazabal. In just his second tournament of 2010, Olazabal played all four rounds at last week’s Castello Masters but was disqualified for inadvertently signed an incorrect scorecard in the final round. He has battled an arthritic issue in his feet for many years now but it was good to see him back playing last week.Callaway Golf

Richard Green again heads the small Australian contingent and he will be joined by Scott Strange, Mark Brown and possibly Brett Rumford.

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