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Buying Real Estate in Europe

December 20, 2014 | Comments Off on Buying Real Estate in Europe

Buying Europe real estate is not the same as buying American real estate. But, you know that already. You are very smart and well versed in the ways of the world. You are a world traveler and you are about to become an owner of a beautiful vacation home in one of the amazing countries in Europe. You have narrowed your choices down to England and Greece. You have always dreamed of calling out to the fellow passengers on the lift with a hearty cherrio as you stepped out to go to your flat. Then again, you just visited Greece a few months back and totally fell in love. You shall list the pros and cons of each to help you in your choice.


Some cons about living in England include the following:

Litter abounds Customary drinking culture (ever heard of ‘Binge Britain’?) Small living spaces Lots of traffic and no parking spaces (parking on the sidewalk anyone?) Surveillance is everywhere Some pros about living in England include the following:

Temperate climate Stunning scenery and gardens Marvelous traditions (mince pies and paper crowns at Christmas) Pubs (a great social gathering place) English seaside


The negative points of living in Greece include the following:

The economy is a fledgling (but what economy isn’t these days?) If you are a non-Greek you may find some racism It may be difficult to secure a good job The positive points of living in Greece include the following:

If you are of Greek ancestry you can get in touch with your roots You can enjoy the beautiful sights and varying terrains of Greece The weather is beautiful year round The pace is slower and walking is key Hopefully you have been able to narrow down your choice, but no matter which you choose you will be very happy with your purchase of Europe real estate.

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