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App World Europe Coming in October 2013

August 9, 2014 | Comments Off on App World Europe Coming in October 2013

App World Europe Coming in October 2013 >

Calling all Web Mobile app developers!

Have you been developing mobile apps, and want to share ideas but not over the internet?Want to learn and grow from experts and other people just like you who develop web aps in London?If you like just sounding off on online forums, then disregard this message- but if you are prepared and excited to engage in stimulating conversation about Mobile app development, read on to learn about Apps World, a developers conference that will be coming to London at the end of October, 2013.

Apps World events are will last two days and are developer events with marketing applications, app exhibitions designed to represent the entire app ecosystem, according to their website.

FIVE Workshops where you keep your quid!

one thing that makes this conference interesting is that a lot of the crucial information is actually given out in FREE workshops that target web app developers.Individuals and companies alike will converge on Earls Court 2, London to glean insight into the future of mobile app development, and this year there will be more events to attend even if you are on a budget.The important free events to keep your eyes out for are Developer World, Droid World, Gaming World, Enterprise World, and Tech World.

The big names, all in one place

Besides the great innovative ideas that will permeate the air, it will also be possible to hear from exciting organizations and businesses that range from Andreas Borch Hansen (Carlesberg) to Matt Jones (Jaguar/Land Rover).Other big names that will be speaking include Grant Allen (Google), Phillip Julian (Vodafone), Ben Ladkin (Arsenal), and Tom Reding (BBC Worldwide).

Events that make the cut but cost a bit:

Want to see even more and hear from professionals that get down and dirty with code and tech detail, or maybe hear about the latest trends in web app development in London, as compared to other cities?Maybe you should take the plunge and Register for the paid workshops, which include HTML5, Mobile Marketing, Mobile Payemts and NFC, Operator Apps and VAS, T.V. Apps and 2nd Screen, API strategies, and M2M & Automotive Apps.

-Ok, but I don’t know what to do!I want to see my App grow, and I don’t have time to do it myself!-

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