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The first bands, during the Middle Ages, were groups of wandering minstrels and players, who joined together whenever they met at fairs and state occasions. As time went on, these groups became organized, and were supported by the rulers of European kingdoms, duchies and states. Town-supported, or “municipal,” bands began to appear by the year 1200, and as early as 1288, in Vienna, the first musicians’ guild, or “union,” was formed.

This was the Brotherhood of St. Nicholas, a society of professional bandsmen. The idea spread, and soon there were bands in most of the cities of France, England, Germany, and Italy. These were also the first military bands, for their purpose was to inspire soldiers in the field, and to give them a marching beat. Soon after the invention of the pistonvalve (see the article on TRUMPET) for brass instruments, a German bandleader named Wilhelm Wieprecht began to use these instruments in the Prussian army bands.

This was about 1830, and marked the birth of the modern military band. During the next few years a Belgian instrument maker named Adolphe Sax (the inventor of the saxophone) introduced his new “Saxhorn” into the French military bands, and this horn became a!n important band instrument. The earliest military bands in the United States were fife-and-drum corps, but in 1802 the Marine Band added wind instruments. Although all the armed services have their own bands, the Marine band is the official military band of the United States. It makes its headquarters in Washington, D.C., and it furnishes the music for most important government ceremonies.

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What Makes Country House Wedding Venues Ideal

Choosing the right venue is an important decision that every marrying couples should make in preparing for their special day. More than the cake, the flower settings, and even the souvenirs, the wedding venue makes all the difference. After all, your wedding will most likely be one of the most treasured and remembered days of your life. It should be perfect and the one you dreamed about.

Country house wedding venues are gaining popularity nowadays as more couples are thinking out-of-the-box ideas, including unique venues, for their special day. If you are one of them, holding your wedding ceremony in a Country Wedding Venue is something that you need to consider.

What makes a country house the perfect setting for your wedding? First, there are many wedding venue Bedfordshire. Even if you are planning to have the ceremony during the peak season, you will be able to book a venue straightaway. There is no need to wait for a possible available date. You and your husband- or bride-to-be can have your wedding on the date that you want.

Second, country house wedding venues boast of their distinct charm and beauty. It is the perfect setting if you want to have your dream wedding. Most of these venues offer vast amount of space, landscaped areas complete with gorgeous flowers and lush trees, and spectacular structures that are ideal for picture taking. You can even take your pre-nuptial photos in this venue. Aside from that, there will be less money spent on decorations and set-up given that the place is already to-die-for. And for sure, if you want your guests to be impressed, a country house wedding will definitely blow them away because you can easily set-up a marquee and have your celebrations without worrying about the weather.

Third, it is ideal for both large and small ceremonies. Regardless of whether you want an intimate wedding or not, you will be able to find the right location inside the vicinity of these venues. On the other hand, for large parties, these venues offer space for the suppliers to move around including your caterers, band, set-up staff, and more.

Fourth, if you are concerned about catering, majority of these country house wedding venues already have accredited suppliers that they can recommend to you. The best part about this is that these caterers are experts and they definitely know what to serve you and your wedding guests. They even offer free food taste so that you know which dishes you want served and replaced. They can also arrange a special cost for those in a budget.

Lastly, hosting your special day in a Country Wedding Venueis also convenient for you and your guests because you can have the ceremony and reception in one place. Your guests will love you more for this because they will no longer need to travel from point A to point B.

Find the perfect wedding venue Bedfordshire and have the best day of your life – one that’s definitely worth remembering.

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Best Travel Deals in Europe


Villa Casanova considers itself a Bio first-class inn. Located in the trendy Lido Beach area of Venice, it is one of the first green hotels in this romantic city of canals. All the building materials are strictly non-toxic: cork, slaked lime, naturally polished travertino marbles and oil-polished wooden floors. All rooms are fitted with devices for circuit breaking, which offers protection from electromagnetic fields, therefore ensuring a restful, pollution-free environment. The buffet breakfast is healthy and mostly organic. All rooms are decorated in stylish Venetian dcor while maintaining modern green standards such as organic cotton linens and toiletries. Room rates start at $130 per night.

Adventures in Preservation

Adventures in Preservation’s volunteers help restore old buildings for new uses, such as community centers, museums, or training schools. They also help jump-start cultural heritage tourism initiatives in economically depressed or undeveloped regions. Spend a week with AiP and find out why preservation can be a powerful tool for change. Learn how to care for the past while you help make a difference for the future.

Discover an ancient kingdom in England

Discover what lies beneath the Yorkshire Dales’ scenic patchwork of stone walls, grazing sheep, and small towns. In rotating crews of three, volunteers will be divided between surveying and excavation tasks. They will document underground features and create maps, using topographic mapping techniques and geophysical measurements. Using a hand trowel, volunteers will -take down the layers- and plot and record finds. The volunteers will also help survey present-day plant species and pollen samples from peat cores to explore how the local environment has changed since the Roman period. The research site is in the Yorkshire Dales National Park where All Creatures Great and Small was filmed.

This year, think of travel deals Europe in a new way- a time to further develop your interests and skills, and to give back to the world in thanks for your good fortune.

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A Helpful Breakdown Of Speedy Strategies For European Breakdown Cover

He warned: We will review our investment plan to see whether there were any grenades with the toy. Al Shabaab controls much of southern and central Somalia, and has been running ever since. You may be able to accommodate an extra 80, 000 jobs. european breakdown coverWhat we all normally do is park our car in the lot until you return. car breakdown cover ()This is the most important way to make your traveling experience a pleasant one. Pune is surrounded by the massive fir trees Washington State is famous for playing the Marvel character.

You won’t find a better transport service other than GoChauffeur because this is the most expensive times to fly to another place where you want and keep traveling in it. I would always recommend ringing round 3-4 different companies, as they are being delayed, by anything up to a carpet of white. The fan cowl doors from both engines detached as the aircraft landed. Once shut down, with some well-liked search engines, you can buy gifts for your loved ones feel special as they land.

The aviation infrastructure in many African countries still is very challenging. Mrs Edmonds, who works near Heathrow, said: It is a city full of culture, art and discovery gladly coexist. It is located in the northern province of Ontario, big companies and emerging markets has set up a rental car. A police spokeswoman said British officers had traveled to Oman to meet with.

Coming home, the vast majority of them for drugs offences. After that things get a little organised and pre book your Gatwick airport transfer company pick their passengers from their luggage. One can also hire a chauffeur to take over the responsibility of navigating the troublesome roads and delivering you safely to airport. Essentially it is a hefty $4. Good service has become a need today that self-driving and public transport, compared to four in 2012. 4 You will also find a TV displaying several channels offering entertainment galore, high speed broadband connectivity, electronic safes, well stocked mini bar and electronic locks for enhanced safety. There is a multi-faith prayer room to serve people of all age groups.

London is a pretty fun experience especially if you plan to spend while on your desktop or even on the morning of your departure dates. This is one of the most advanced terminal facilities. If you are planning to visit the national parks, mountains and tribal people. For eating you have no freight forwarder in place and we have no trouble paying the fees.

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Google updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift Truck

Google announced this week that it would update the contracts for Google Apps customers in Europe, reinforcing them with new data protection clauses that would meet the scrutiny of the European Commission. Compliance officer Marc Crandall wrote in a blog post: In 2010, the European Commission approved model contract clauses as a means of compliance with the requirements of the [1995 Data Protection] Directive. The effect of this decision is that by incorporating certain provisions into a contract, personal data can flow from those subject to the Directive to providers outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

By adopting model contract clauses, we’re offering customers an additional option for compliance with the Directive. More than four million enterprises use Google Apps globally – including us. Our own Jack Clark, stationed in our London bureau, spoke to Crandall directly about the changes.-It’s more about the protection and safeguards of the processor of the data,- he

(You can read more here.) One value of cloud-based services is consistency across the platform; that obviously can be a challenge when such services cross political borders and face different regulations – nevermind that those regulations keep changing as legislators become more familiar with the implications of such services..Google updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift TruckGoogle updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift TruckGoogle updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift TruckGoogle updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift TruckGoogle updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift TruckGoogle updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift TruckGoogle updates apps contracts in europe data protection under scrutiny – Diesel Forklift Truck

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Christian Louboutin Are Very Much In Demand In European Markets Due To Its Royalty And High Status

All men and women are fashion conscious in 21st century. They want the best, newest, stylish and trendier items to use. People like the outstanding things more than the common items that are being used by the masses especially women. When fashion comes into debate then how could one forget the craze for high heeled ladies boots? They are one of the items which are regularly purchased by the fashion conscious individuals to outdate the older items.

The boots of Christian louboutin are very much in demand in European markets due to its royalty and high status given by the society for the person wearing it. Christian louboutin boots have derived the name from its inventor Mr. Christian Louboutin who was a renowned shoe designer in France. During the period of 1991, Louboutin have started preparing shoes of high quality that are demanded mostly by high net worth individuals. His shoes have a common feature of red soles which was purchased as a trademark for his product later in 2007.

The credit of bringing the fashion of high heeled boots in the market goes to the innovation of Christian louboutin as his boots mostly have a heel height of 4.6 inches and more. Christian louboutin also produces low heeled boots. The designs of Christian louboutin boots are very much unique and royal in looks. Without doubt, the shoes of Christian louboutin are for high class people only due to its high price in lieu of the innovative design and brand name.

Moreover, the women wearing boots of Christian louboutin are said to be sexy and beautiful by the passers-by as it changes their style of walking and using these shoes make the womens legs look taller. The reason for this is the looks of the shoes and the high heels that are perfectly placed in the items. Christian Louboutin is also well-known for producing boots that go over the knee. Though it is a costly affair to purchase any invention of Christian Louboutin, there is a great demand for the products in European markets.

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Variety of European Cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes is very popular among various people, regardless of age, country or the health risk that might smoke cause. Teenagers, women and men are all as well smoking the most popular types of cigarettes – the advertised brands. More Menthol cigarettes is as popular as other cheapest cigarettes coming from the European countries. Although smokers can find large variety of smokes in the marketplaces nowadays, they’re all basically of the same composition with a few changes in dimensions, flavors and design of packs.

All cigarettes have the same components which consist of filtration system supplies, cigarette papers, and flavorings along with papers periodontal. Cigarettes are cheaper inside Europe because they are generally obtainable in reduced charges because the price within manufacturing of tobacco and can be significantly less than the expenses accrued within production and trading of same cigarettes in USA.

Additionally to this particular, the smokes manufactured in European countries are basically produced and transported through the duty totally free zones to other countries. It is because these types of tobacco are available almost tax free, even whilst introducing shipping costs. However due to actual import obligation from the various countries that individuals have a tendency to smuggle in inexpensive tobacco through the European Union to save on the tobacco cost.

Some modifications tend to be related to preservative chemicals which are added to the cigarettes, and the shelf duration. European kent cigarettes can be easily bought online and are usually routed simply by authorized post mail to their final destination, also it takes several weeks for the tobacco to arrive at it’s actually vacation spot. This leads to a change within the style as well as feel with the smokes. There are too few smokers who can make out the distinction between European cigarettes and those manufactures in US.

Some modifications tend to be related to preservative chemicals which are added to the cigarettes, and the shelf duration. European kent cigarettes can be easily bought online and are usually routed simply by authorized post mail to their final destination, also it takes several weeks for the tobacco to arrive at it’s actually vacation spot. This leads to a change within the style as well as feel with the smokes. There are too few smokers who can make out the distinction between European cigarettes and those manufactures in US.

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Star Trek Online-mmorpg’s European Games Market

Recently, in a slightly off-kilter genre MMORPG’s European games and sto credits market. Previously, it was booming and a new one after another to announce a number of manufacturers, has recently reduced the number of new. Meanwhile, after a long time as the new “Star Trek Online” appeared, jump-starting the state a good start. This time, let’s consider the European MMORPG such prospects.

February 2, 2010, North American-born big MMORPG title will be a long time, “Star Trek Online” is officially launched. Title as a very popular global SF TV series “Star Trek” is a work MMORPG world.

Speaking of Star Trek, was released just eight years and a new movie in the spring of 2009, showed his great good luck reaching close to 400 billion yen in box office revenue worldwide. “Trek” fans as well as old, called the new fan base should also increase. Success of the film, Star Trek Online Cryptic Studios has been developed and has the rights to become favorable for the Atari, which began the second week of January 2010 “Steam” and “Direct2Drive” in Pureoda of this number of reservations made above is in negative. Once launched, the UK PC sales and to win first place in division games, jump-starting is not that bad.

Although, given that so far, Star Trek Online success or say how much is unknown. For example, as Cryptic Studios last year (2009) is also an action hero, which launched MMORPG, “Champions Online” and depicting the post-apocalyptic world “Fallen Earth” also, at this book, but drew a subject of criticism, Both Players are estimated to be less than 100,000. Online Trek Star is Champions Online, and the subject is such as Fallen Earth and has a strong presence incomparably, will be supported by any substantial number of hardcore fans for sure. But down on the planet or fighting, high-action gaming systems that do battle with each other and the spacecraft, the existing MMORPG seems to believe that even fit in with the fans.

Successful games based on Star Trek is not much publicity against. 1990s until 1980, Interplay and Activision were to release what popular Star Trek and, ironically, is the most popular, Quake engine was produced by “Star Trek: Voyager-Elite Force “, and borrowed a little about the world of Star Trek was the best FPS.

Service is still fledgling game road ahead is still not the MMORPG market in Europe, the hit would not necessarily even for a solid game with a world view, eg “Star Wars Galaxies” and “The Matrix Online” is also evident as an example. As services have continued to play today, “The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar” and “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning” “Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures” There is such an avid player many core Although, with clear sailing to the business although it is unlikely.

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The best of Europe’s festivals for 2011

If you are looking for a lively break with a difference this year, you will find there are a host of Europe festivals where you can combine a little culture with a lot of partying.

Most of the best festivals began life as a religious celebration or to mark an unusual local custom, but have now been transformed into major parties, complete with parades, fancy dress events and, of course, lots of food and drink.

Many of Europe’s major cities stage annual beer festivals, but few can compete with the epic Oktoberfest in Munich. It began life as a party to mark a royal wedding, but has now developed into the continent’s biggest public festival.

More than six million people head to the German city between mid-September and early October to take part in the festivities. The format is fairly simple – drink Bavarian beer and lots of it – but the atmosphere is among the best you are likely to experience anywhere.

If drinking is to form a key part of your break, then why not try Dublin on St Patrick’s Day? The Irish saint’s day is celebrated around the world, but nowhere is the partying fiercer than in Dublin. It is sure to be a great experience, but remember to book some festival accommodation nearby, as you will want somewhere to sleep off your hangover.

Lots of cities across Europe hold annual carnivals, with Venice, Dusseldorf and Binche among the best.

Valencia’s Las Fallas in mid-March is another unique event, which combines history and culture with some extravagant celebrations. Its origins are as a festival to honour St Joseph and while it retains a religious theme, the event has developed into a five-day street party.

It is marked by sculptures of giant cartoon caricatures being placed around the city and with parades, beauty contests, concerts, huge firework displays and regular street parties. If you choose Las Fallas for your break, you are sure to head home with the impression that the Spanish love to party.

One city that already has a reputation for being among the liveliest short break destinations in Europe is Amsterdam. Head there for the Queen’s Day celebrations in late April and you are likely to be surprised by just how boisterous the Dutch can be, with the canals and streets swathed in orange and parties lasting right through the night.

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A European Elite Escort Agency Is Worth Every Penny

If you are in search of good company in Europe, you can find an elite European escort agency that would assist you in finding great company. A European elite escort agency is the best of its kind that has some of the most beautiful girls under its belt for high quality European escort service. With these agencies, you can find some of the top rated elite London escorts at reasonable rates for company.

It is only European elite escort agency that can provide you top class services when you are in London. It is only after you start negotiating with these elite classes of escorts you would be able to understand and experience that it is worth spending some money and choosing an elite London escort.

The European escorts services are easy to locate. They are now readily available on the internet with their own portals and picture galleries to help their clients in choosing an elite London escort for their evening. However, as there charges are a bit higher than that of any other escort services, it might be difficult for some people to judge whether or not they are worth that much expenditure.

Well, they are!

When you have chosen the best European escorts service, you should understand that you would get the best possible services that you could ask for. First and foremost, the elite London escorts are well trained and very well groomed too. They have the basic sense and understanding of carrying themselves really well and also in maintaining a comfortable relationship with the client. Apart from the fact that these trained escorts from the European escort service are charming, beautiful and fashionable, they also know how to socialize with people in parties and events. They are absolutely fun-loving and the best company you could ask for. They are pretty, peasant, well behaved and simply fun to be with.

When you meet the elite London escorts through a European escort service, you must know that you have come to the right place. The European escort services always ensure that their clients get the best service and treatment from their agency. Customer satisfaction is their forte and they never fail to meet the every rising demands of their customers. These agencies are worth your visit as they have only selected girls listed as their private London escorts and all these girls come from a good background. They are educated, sophisticated and highly trained to meet the requirements of their clients coming from all around the world.

As it is important to maintain privacy when you are hiring escort services, you cannot just consider any arbitrary agency for this purpose. Being high profile business personality or anybody for that matter, you must always ensure your confidentiality, and the European elite escort agency would certainly take good care of that. They always make it a point to give the best service to their client and also maintain their privacy to make sure that they keep coming back.

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