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Resorts Versus Backpacking

Maybe it is even unfair to start comparing resorts and backpacking as these two types of travelling really are like night and day. While backpacking is almost always done on a shoestring, with a focus on travelling around a country and not on living comfortably at one particular place, they still can be categorized under the same roof under the broad term of tourism.

Living Large, Living Small

A backpacker is easy to spot with his slightly hunched forward walk due to an enormous- that is right- backpack. The backpacker will look as he just got off a bus and there is a pretty high probability, that is exactly what he did. The all-inclusive tourist on the other hand will wander the beach looking all rested and full as he probably had a breakfast buffet with world food to choose from.

The backpacker will likely have eaten some noodles or beans if any breakfast at all. Come dinnertime, the easiest way to locate the travel-torn backpacker is at the local hole-in-the-wall. If you are looking for your all-inclusive friend, look at the reading of the stars to the fanciest restaurants.

Their Habitats

The cockroach infested hostel with 18 people dorms and only one toilet, is the backpackers first choice of nesting. Here you will find them in droves, dragging their flip-flopped dressed feet down the hall towards the communion kitchen, or maybe just slouching in the living room. Quite a few of them are recognizable by their dreadlocks hairstyles.

At the luxury hotel, there are no dreadlocks allowed, with the exception of world-famous music artists. Here, balconies will likely have ocean views and/or stunning views of a big city skyline. The backpackers view, provided their habitat is equipped with a window, can be a brick wall or in best case scenario a back alley.

Their Appearance

As mentioned earlier, the backpacker can be identified by their dreadlocks, or by their loose-fitting wool pants, accompanied by a pair of flip-flops that more often than not has seen better days.

The luxury tourist will be seen in a tailor-made suit or a brand label evening gown as the sun settles in the sea, but during daytime you can often see them sporting loose-fitting shirts big on patterns. Their female counterparts usually opt for less is more since getting a tan is a number one priority.

The backpacker on the other hand is hesitant to crawl out of their cellars before dark, and if they do they carry protective clothing and the fly style sun-glasses. The backpacker, despite being on a budget, often find it within their limits to buy cigarettes.

The luxury tourist knows only all to well that smoking is hazardous to your health. They can be seen sipping on a vegetable juice drink, and red wine if it is from an appropriate district.

These are but a few things separating the backpackers vacation from the tourists staying at the all-inclusive resorts.

Tips for Your Euro Trip

A Euro trip is such an exciting experience and many tourists from around the world are looking forward to experiencing the best of what Europe can offer. You might be planning a trip this summer or saving up for a backpacking trip to this continent. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of this exciting adventure.

Have a Good Travel Plan

If you want to be able to enjoy more places and visit various countries and cities in Europe, it’s important that you have a good travel plan. Decide on where you will start and plan where you will go from city to city. This will help you minimize the time traveling to and fro cities and enjoy more attractions in different locations. You will also avoid traveling in Europe in circles and strategically plan your travel from start to finish. Having a good itinerary will also help you find possible accommodations to consider before you even start your trip instead of finding an accommodation once you are in the city. It will cut down the time spent on looking for accommodations. You don’t have to book in advance but at least have a list of possible accommodations that fits right to your budget and plans.

Consider Couch Surfing

Couch surfing is when locals open their homes to you and provide space to stay for a night or a few days depending on the arrangement you have agreed upon. This is popular for many backpackers in the world.

To ensure you safety and the safety of the locals, the community requires you to complete a profile in their site and you can check out locals from different countries around the world. They offer a bed, couch, or floor for free for any visiting tourist. This is an option if you want to spend less on your trip and immerse yourself in the local culture that you won’t easily experience in a fancy hotel room. Some locals will even offer to show your around the city, give you a quick tour, offer some tips on the best places to visit, or just basic dos and don’ts when traveling.

Travel by Train

Trains connect countries and cities in Europe so you have another cheaper option than flying in and out of European cities. Backpackers even choose to travel by train at night and wake up to a new city to visit. That cut costs on accommodation but might be a bit inconvenient. For adventurous tourists, this might be a good option to cut costs and maximize time on the road.

Experience Local Culture at Its Best

Many locals recommend walking around the city to explore the culture and sights. If you are not going on a tour and have more leisure time on your hands, it’s good to walk around, explore, and find a culture hub, perhaps a local pub, vintage thrift shop, or night market. Don’t forget to bring a map with you when you travel.

Check out More Travel Websites and Forums

Before visiting any country or city in Europe, get information first. This will help you plan out places you can visit and things you can do on your trip. You can find Europe destinations at Travelplus website and see what places can show good history, culture, and entertainment. You can visit famous tourist attractions, and then look for places that will be a good source of culture and fun. Try out local cuisines to get to know more about the city and country you are visiting.

Europe is such a fascinating continent. It might not be enough to spend 2 weeks in this continent to enjoy many attractions. But make your time worthwhile with a good travel plan.

Andrew Connor is a travel and leisure blogger. He loves photography and literature and hopes to share his travel experience to many avid travelers out there. Go to Travelplus website to find more info on European destinations.

Hiking Camping Tent Buying Manual

Whether you go backpacking to view scenery that cannot be viewed from your car window, to get fit, or even just to be one with nature, you’ll find that it is a very fun experience. Because people have been backpacking for so long, the world is just full of already formed hiking trials for you to navigate.

I’ve been backpacking many times and have trekked for miles and miles throughout my life. Although I have a number of useful backpacking items, I think it is safe to say that a backpacker is nothing without his or her backpacking tents. Even the best hikers will not do well without a good night’s sleep at the end of each day. A few poor nights of sleep can quickly end a long hiking trip.

I wrote this article to discuss some of the main criteria for picking out a solid backpacking tent. When you have finished this article you should be able to look through a number of backpacking tents and choose the one that is the best for you.

Finding a tent that is big enough to fit both you and your hiking gear should be one of the first things on your mind. Sleeping in a tent that is not large enough for you to fully extend yourself in is not recommended. Trust me, I have slept in tents where I needed to curl up in the fetal position to sleep and I did not rest very well. Also, all of your gear must be inside the tent or you risk it being ruined by the elements, ruined by animals, or even stolen.

Next, you’ll want to make sure that the tent can withstand all of the elements. The tent must always be waterproof, but it should also be highly wind resistant and well suited for the climate you will be staying in. For instance, cold climates will require a tent that can help shield you against the cold weather.

After this, you will want to make sure your tent is light weight and easy to set up. Backpacking tents cannot be considered backpacking tents if you cannot easily carry them with you. The weight of the tent should be light enough that you can hike with it and the size should be small enough that it fits in your pack. The size and weight you will be able will depend on your hiking skills, the severity of the trails you will be hiking on, and the strength of your back and legs.

When you come to the end of your hiking day you will be a lot happier if your tent can quickly and easily be set up. You’ll want something that you can put up in about five to ten minutes. Make sure you do not lose your ability to stand up against the wind when you opt for a tent that is easy to construct.

Where to go windsurfing in Europe

Windsurfing is attracting a lot of attention from water sports lovers intrigued by its combination of laidback surfing-style moves and the care required when directing the sail on the board.

The pursuit has gained traction all over Europe and now forms the basis of many activity holidays.

If you’re a beginner, you might want to consider taking a few basic lessons first before heading off on holiday – although this isn’t essential.

Here are some of the best places to visit when considering a windsurfing holiday in Europe – whether you’re new to the sport or an experienced pro.


Greece’s scenic coast and islands provide the ideal setting for a windsurfing holiday. Top windsurfing hotspots here include Vassiliki on Lefkas in the Ionian Islands and Karpathos in the Dodecanese Islands.

Vassiliki is particularly popular among windsurfers thanks to its beautiful mountain scenery and lively harbour, which is home to taverns and other social venues perfect for winding down in the evenings.


Unsurprisingly, Spain is one of the most visited windsurfing holiday destinations in Europe.

There are several locations to head to along the country’s northern coast to catch the perfect waves – and winds. Cantabria is particularly attractive due to its gorgeous natural surroundings and it is possible to book holidays that tour the area to stop at the region’s best windsurfing hotspots.

The neighbouring principality of Asturias is also ideal for windsurfing holidays.


Portugal has much to offer new and experienced windsurfers alike. Some of the best windsurfing locations here include Figueira da Foz, Peniche and the Algarve coast in southern Portugal.

The latter is worth visiting for those who love food just as much as windsurfing – just imagine relaxing at a restaurant by the sea and sampling some wonderful local seafood after a hard day out on the waves.


The UK might not be quite as sun-soaked as its continental counterparts, but it still boasts some excellent destinations for windsurfing holidays.

Pembrokeshire in Wales, Weymouth in Dorset and the West Country could be perfect for keen windsurfers who want to avoid the stress of travelling abroad.

Experience Outdoor Adventures in Palawan

Philippines is containing numerous places which can introduce you into different eye catching spots. The country is being surrounded with bodies of water that is why mesmerizing beaches are just common with this place. Natural wonders are all present in the country including volcanoes and mountains. Palawan is among the top places where you can experience the real essence of nature.

Palawan is gifted with natural resources. Travelers were always locating the place because they can definitely feel relax and get unwind with the ambiance of Palawan. Aside from viewing the captivating resources, you can enjoy the place because of outdoor adventures from enchanting the mountaineering jungle track down to the Underground River Tours.

Significance of ecological wonder can be emphasizing by subjecting yourself closer to nature. You can have river tours when you situate the place. Healthy rivers are all over Palawan where you can witness the clear waters which are being surrounded with numerous mangroves. Aside from feeding your senses with the hearth warming breeze of the river, you can learn to manifest your concerns about nature because of the stunning site that you have seen.

Underground River Park which is located in Puerto Princesa is the most visited destination in Palawan. It was documented as a heritage site by UNESCO and turned out to be the top finalists for New 7 Wonders of Nature. Because of the recognition, it persuades visitors from all over the world to witness its unique beauty. You will experience extreme adventure by way of riding on a boat and exploring the internal site of the underground river where you can be astonished with the impressive limestone formations.

If you want to explore the magical beaches of Palawan you may visit El Nido. The famous place can let you perform activities with the clear blue waters and sparkling white sand that covers up the entire place. Diving and exploring the aquatic world can be one of your major options. Coral reefs that serve as shelters for marine species can entertain divers.

If you want to be relaxed physically and mentally, you may opt to join up Yoga session. By way of inhaling fresh air and satisfying the atmosphere which is closer to nature, every procedure in Yoga can be stimulating and soothing. A revitalizing yoga session held on an unfilled beach stretching out your body and facing a magnificent ocean view of endless deep blue shades. Through this practice, you may release any sorts of tensions which can cause more complicated circumstances.

After the long hours of traveling with the famous places in Palawan, you may continue your path in famous restaurants where you can find Palawans delicacies including the different menu for fresh sea foods. If you dont want to get bothered traveling with different bistros, you may try producing your own dining set up. Sitting on the beach while taking exceptional meals and an entertaining symphony from speakers, can make your entire day extraordinary.

The credits for the all the appraisal about Palawan should revolve with its Residents and local government, because all these years they are trying to protect Mother Nature in the best way that they can.

Palawans escapade will definitely be a remarkable event in your life. Because of the natural treasure of the place your expectations will certainly established. Palawan will also simplify the importance of nature in creating the real essence of life.

Fly Grand Canyon – Enjoying An Airplane Tour Above the National Park

Grand Canyon airlines offers a number of amazing adventures. Among the most breathtaking, comprehensive, and thrilling ways to explore this massive, ancient National Park is by air. Air tours originate near the park, and also in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Page, Arizona.

Located along the Colorado River Basin, this extraordinary gorge is 277 miles long, 18 miles wide, and more than 1 mile deep. According to geologists, this magnificent park exhibits about two million years of our planet’s geological history. This massive rift across the Colorado Plateau exposes ancient strata from the Proterozoic and Paleozoic Eras.

The weather in the area varies in line with elevation. Some high-elevation rim zones are forested, and receive periodic snowfall. However, along the river in the Inner Gorge, temps are arid, much like those of Tucson and other low-elevation desert areas. Along the South Rim, normal annual precipitation is less than sixteen inches. The North Rim gets about twenty-seven inches of moisture yearly, and the basin receives about eight inches.

The weather conditions have a big impact on tourism. Severe temperatures, high-elevation, winter storms, and late-summer monsoons offer many hazards. The National Weather Service’s South Rim station has been regularly monitoring temperatures since 1903. The temperature variations throughout the year are extreme. In the gorge, summer temperatures frequently climb to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. In the winter, rim temperatures typically drop below zero degrees Fahrenheit. The record high temperature was 105 degrees Fahrenheit in June of 1974, and the low was 20 degrees below zero Fahrenheit in January of 1919, February of 1985, and December of 1990.

The uplift of this plateau is uneven, and the elevation at the North Rim is about 1,000 feet higher than the height at the South Rim. This difference in elevation leads to the North Rim having lower temperatures than the South Rim. Views from the North Rim are usually more panoramic, but access to the area is limited during the winter because of road closures.

The Colorado River basin has been changing for 40 million years. Geological experts have calculated that the canyon is approximately 17 million years of age. Considerable erosion has revealed one of the planet’s most geologically detailed rock columns. Much of this exposed strata was formed under-water millions of years ago.

In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt, an enthusiastic outdoorsman, went to see this majestic landscape. He was so impressed by its overpowering beauty that he established the area as a national preserve on November 28, 1906.

This national park is one of the world’s most widely used visitor destinations, attracting over five million visitors per year. Small airplanes and helis offer excellent options for touring the National Park. They’re able to supply breathtaking views of the most hard to get at areas. Many flights provide memento DVDs of the vistas visited.

Grand Canyon airlines provides lots of exciting opportunities to discover this national treasure. Since its creation as a national preserve in 1906, it has attracted and captivated many local and international visitors. In addition to regularly scheduled trips, there are a selection of charter flights offered. Some businesses run ultra-quiet aircraft, and provide tours of Sedona and Monument Valley, in addition to the incredible canyon.

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European Vacations to Ancient Greece

During your European vacations, look back at the past with a tour to ancient Greece. At the heart of Athens is a massive structure called Hadrians Arch which spans an ancient road leading to the Acropolis and a complex of structures on the eastern side of the city. This complex included the Temple of Olympian Zeus, said to have been built to celebrate the arrival of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, to honor him for his many significant contributions to the city. Continue your journey through the fertile plains of Boeotia and drive to Delphi. The center of the ancient world, it is located along the slopes of the imposing Mount Parnassus. Here you will be able to view the ruins of the Sanctuary of Apollo Pythios and the Temple of Apollo. Visit the Treasury of the Athenians, and imagine the wealth of that time. Don’t forget to stop by the museum where you can admire ancient Greek masterpieces including the world famous bronze Charioteer.

Enjoy a Barcelona Feast on European Vacations

European vacations to Barcelona are always a blast!The Festes de la Merce arrives in town in September. Through the years, this intimate religious parade has evolved into a weeklong party celebrating Catalan culture. Enjoy entertaining performances and exhibitions, free concerts by local musicians and hip hop artists, dazzling fireworks displays on the shore, and breathtaking air shows on the beachfront. There are many activities tailored to various age groups, so kids won’t be left out. A Barcelona fiesta is not complete without a taste of local cooking. For a delectable selection of Catalan classics, head to Cinc Sentits. Bestsellers include lamb cutlets with porcini dust, the Catalan float coca bread with foie gras, suckling pig with apple compote, and slow-braised pork belly on gingerbread. If your heart can take it, why not order all four dishes!Just make sure you still have room for the maple quesada, apple sorbet or a cheese plate to be paired with their fine wines.

Sightseeing in Berlin on European Vacations

Berlin is a great place to start your European vacations. The most famous landmark of the city is the Berlin Wall, a partition between East and West that was torn down in 1989, paving the way for a new era for Germany. Commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall by strolling down its remnants on the southern border of Wedding. At the Gedenksttte Berliner Mauer site there is a restored segment that’s located next to a documentation center where stories of people who have attempted to cross the wall are detailed. Many visitors go to the former border crossing of the Sandkrugbrcke and lay flowers on a stone that commemorates the first person to be shot dead while fleeing the East. For a more comprehensive history of the Wall, head over to the Haus am Checkpoint Charlie, where there is a museum you can visit. The best place for afternoon kaffee und kuchen, a popular Berlin tradition for coffee and cake, is the picturesque Prenzlauer Berg district of Mitte.

Authentic Scandinavian Cuisine on Copenhagen European Vacations

Food is an important part of European vacations, and Copenhagen offers visitors an authentic Scandinavian experience. Chow down some fish dumplings and pickled herring — local delicacies that have become a huge part of the history and culture of Denmark. Surrounded by water, it comes as no surprise that fresh seafood is plentiful and featured prominently on Danish menus. Order the smrrebrd for lunch — probably the most famous Danish food item. The smrrebrd is an open-faced sandwich which uses dark rye bread and is usually topped with roast beef or pork, eel, venison, smoked salmon, or liver pt. Copenhagen’s gastronomical offerings are ideal for budget travelers. On the roadside, vendors by the dozen sell fried sausages, and as well the citys local Carlsberg beer brewed in the area since 1847. If you are adventurous enough, taste the aquavit, a very strong, caraway-scented brandy. Looking for upscale dining spots for special occasions and events?Copenhagen has 13 Michelin-rated restaurants as of 2009, the most in Denmark.

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Enjoyable European Vacations to Vienna

Vienna has a rich heritage in the arts and culture, making it a great city to visit for enriching European vacations. The Vienna State Opera, Wiener Staatsoper, is a beautiful structure, especially at night, where you can catch world-class performances of opera 50 to 60 times a year. The Hofburg Museum exhibits the imperial jewels of the royal family of Habsburgs. Another demonstration of imperial affluence is the Sisi Museum; devoted to the Empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Austria, the museum showcases the imperial apartments. The Kunsthistorisches Museum and Naturhistorisches Museum have numerous paintings by old masters, and ancient and classical artifacts. On to Vienna’s museum quarter, you will learn more about Vienna’s art and culture from several museums sprawled over a vast complex that was transformed in the 1990s from what used to be imperial stalls. The Leopold Museum, which houses one of the largest collections of modern Austrian art from artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele, is found in this complex.

Unearth the Gems of London on European Vacations

London is a popular destination city for tourists traveling on European vacations. Start your journey with a visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral; designed by Sir Christopher Wren, this famous London landmark was finished in 1708. Guests are always in awe of the beautiful mosaics on the walls. Head to London’s financial district where you can see the Lord Mayor’s residence at the Mansion House and the Bank of England. London tours always include a visit to the world renowned Tower of London. An old medieval fortress, it is nearly 1,000 years old and has also been used as a royal palace, a mint, a prison and a zoo. Make sure to visit the Crown Jewels the Cullinan diamonds and the Kohi-i-Noor are always crowd-pleasers. You can take the Thames river cruise for a really enjoyable afternoon seeing an array of attractions from the water. As soon as you get off, travel along the river banks and take a ride on one of the gondolas of the London Eye, which used to be the highest Ferris wheel in the world at 135 meters.

Authentic Scandinavian Cuisine on Copenhagen European Vacations

Round off your European vacations with feasts of traditional Scandinavian cuisine in Copenhagen. Chow down some fish dumplings and pickled herring — local delicacies that have become a huge part of the history and culture of Denmark. Surrounded by water, it comes as no surprise that fresh seafood is plentiful and featured prominently on Danish menus. Order the smrrebrd for lunch — probably the most famous Danish food item. It is an open-faced sandwich, usually using dark rye bread, topped with eel, roast beef or pork, liver pt, smoked salmon, or venison. Copenhagen’s gastronomical offerings are ideal for budget travelers. On the roadside, vendors by the dozen sell fried sausages, and as well the citys local Carlsberg beer brewed in the area since 1847. If you are adventurous enough, taste the aquavit, a very strong, caraway-scented brandy. Looking for upscale dining options to celebrate special events?As of 2009, Copenhagen has 13 Michelin-starred restaurants, the most in the country.

European Vacations Will Make You Fall in Love with Paris

The City of Light is an excellent starting point for your European vacations. The Eiffel Tower, in its time considered a monstrosity, is now probably the most famous of all its landmarks, but it is by no means the only one. Walk a few meters to the Place Charles de Gaulle where you will spot the Arc de Triomphe at its center; this famous structure was built in honor of war heroes who fought for France during the Napoleonic Wars. Shop until you drop at the nearby Champs-lyses, a favorite of travelers who come to Paris solely to shop. Museum lovers will no doubt enjoy the city as well. A famous city landmark is the 60,600-square-meter Louvre Palace, home to 35,000 pieces from ancient times to the 19th century. Muse dOrsay is in the former railway station, the Gare dOrsay, and holds mainly French art from 1848 to 1915 paintings, sculptures, photography and furniture. Numerous impressionist and post-impressionist masterpieces by Manet, Monet, Degas, Czanne, Renoir and Van Gogh are on display. If you’re in town, live like the French do — relax at a caf, order a croissant, and watch life pass you by.

The Local and Foreign Suppliers of Trade Europe Global

If you want to buy products from a Europe import export market, check out Trade Europe Global. This is a market place which provides its consumers with a broad scope of products manufactured from different countries all throughout the world. Whether you are looking for Indian textile, Chinese products, or German assembled automobile parts, you will be able to find these at Trade Europe. The best thing about this import-export market is the fact that it sells a wide array of items and services. Since its suppliers and sellers come from various parts of the world, you are guaranteed of diverse selections.

Referred to as Europe’s largest B2B market place, Trade Europe Global provides its consumers with the products of local and foreign suppliers. One of its local suppliers comes from Germany. This company offers both products and services. Among its products are stretch limousines, automobile parts, and automobile accessories. When it comes to services, it offers interior designing and armoring. What is more, it also sells equipments to interested buyers. If you have specific requirements when it comes to the car or vehicle that you want, you can opt for the products of this German supplier. On the other hand, the products and services of this company are appropriate for you if you only want to purchase from local suppliers.

One of the foreign suppliers of this B2B market place is India. The manufacturer from this country offers high technology equipments and machineries. What is more, its workforce is highly qualified in order to come up with satisfactory products. The top-selling products which come from India are wooden and brass phones, watches, clocks, thermometers, barometers, hygrometers, and sand timers. You will also be able to find protractors, compass, decorative, handicrafts, wind vanes, key chains, drafting machines, and other products. When you are interested in the items and services of India, you can always opt to look for certain items which have been manufactured from this country.

When you are looking for a manufacturer of chemicals for water treatment, you will be able to find one in Malta. This country also transacts with Trade Europe Global. A company from Malta provides consumers with activated carbon, ingredients and additives for foods, and resins for ion exchange. What is more, it offers chemicals for cooler and boiler water treatment systems. This company also provides services which are related to the products that it sells. If you have a water heater at home, this manufacturer will be able to give you what you need.

When you are looking for leasing agents, Trade Europe Global can offer you with a leasing and city sales company from Cyprus. The services that this organization provides are appropriate for you if you are searching for a rental space. On the other hand, you can also buy gadgets for security and protection at this B2B market place. A manufacturer from Malaysia offers two way radios and security systems. It also provides accessories and batteries for two way radios. These products are suitable for you when you are running a security agency.

Referred to as Europe’s largest B2B market place , Trade Europe Global provides its consumers with the products of local and foreign suppliers. Visit online resource for Europe import export .

How Backpackers Are Solo Travelers

The backpackers of Europe are known to use the words that mean wornout or beat or in their case kaput. So, when your child goes off to Europe with just a backpack on hand, do not worry. Backpacker travel insurance is available.

For one thing, this is all more acceptable in the US. Strolling girls carrying their backpacks in Europe is not an uncommon view. The people most likely to notice are other backpackers and many Italian and Spanish men to whom the pack itself is irrelevant.

Making a few changes with the backpack is what has been going on in Europe for more than a few years. Getting a precise figure on the number of backpackers is difficult. There are more people in the younger age bracket traveling to Europe during this summer compared to the previous one. But determining the exact number of kids lugging packs is as elusive as predicting their destinations. A wellknown East Cost store said that their sales of backpacks this year grew up to 100 percent because of people who were going to Europe.

There is simply one thing in every young backpacker’s mind and that is to unwind and rest. So your tent leaked in Copenhagen and your sleeping bag got soaked? It does not matter, fold it up and keep on going until you reach Amsterdam.

Written in an American student guidebook is this flippant attitude. Scenarios on backpacking to each country are displayed in the book and it even gives tips like tearing out the pages that are important. Filling in the spaces of hitchhiker’s backpacks are only essentials so brining a whole book to the trip may occupy too much.

A common story is that of a couple from Canada who, on their first day over, mailed home 14 pounds of clothes. It is easy to spot backpacking Canadians as their famous red maple leaf flag is always evident among their belongings. Under no circumstances must anyone mistake them for Americans. By contrast, almost no American flags are sewn on packs although a circular peach emblem superimposed on a background of stars and stripes crops up now and then.

If the youth of America try to douse nationalism, reminders of the US still follow them. Aside from the backpacks they carry, travelers also wear the same thing and those are jeans. With pretty little patches, or embellishments, even just plain blue jeans, it comes it many looks.

All alone or with someone is how backpackers like to travel and hardly do we see them in large groups. Backpacking allows many people to cross paths and then find their own way in their journey. Backpackers in most cases are not vagabonds. Several backpackers still choose to speak with their families while on their trip. A word from the wise, it is always safer to get travel insurance for trips that may require you to be more careful because this can save your life.