Europe Trip

Transportation of your Belongings To Europe.

removals from France to UK in Europe.Please check our blog, where You will find all about it transport furniture UK to France “>The process of transporting belongings to Europe could be daunting and time intensive at the same time. Proper care ought to be employed so as to anticipate the smooth operating of the process. With sufficient planning prior to the real day of the transfer, you will be able to carry out the actual exercise so effortlessly and successfully to the finish if you use a professional removals service.

If you are not as certain as to the things to do prior to the move, it is of a lot help to use a removals service organization to plan out these matters for you. This can guarantee you of the safety of your own commodities by the time these people reach your new house.

Planning also provides you with time to be able to figure out just the best removals company to make use of. If you plan your transfer well, you will be able to spend enough time to compare the rates of other providers. It is a good idea to investigate a few services. If required, many will pack your items for you. All you have to do is tell them where to ship your belongings.

This is very necessary since the safety of your property is dependent in the hands of the organization that you will choose to employ for the move. You ought to be very careful while selecting a removals company so as to possess peace of mind. The best services will make sure that your property will arrive at their destination in the best condition.

In order to be organized, it is a good idea to create a list of everything the needs to be done for the move. This will also help to determine if any additional services are required by the removals service. Many providers will be able to add on extra services for an additional fee. It is important to know exactly what you will need so that you do not overspend for services you don’t need.

You’ll be able to hire removals to only perform the move once you have packed your items. Or they can pack and transfer your items for you. Throughout the planning process, you will be able to decide if you’ll need the removals professionals in order to unpack your items in the brand new home. You may just decide that all you will need is simply to have your products delivered and then you are able to take care of the rest.

Just about all in all, planning is extremely fundamental for any removals and you ought to always be keen on the requirements of your home so as to help to make sound decisions. Ensure that you note every fine detail down before hiring the help of removals. This will enable them to provide more accurate quote for the transfer. It would be a good idea to list your fragile items to be transported, period during which the transfer should take place, how much you’re willing to spend and several other factors.

You do not have to feel overwhelmed when you are moving if you use a good service. You can allow the removals company to do all of the work for you so that you can enjoy your new life in France. You can go online and get quotes from removals companies so that you can get the best price. The more flexible you are when it comes to time frames for your move, the better price you will get when you are looking for quotes for removals companies. You should always bear in mind that the time table may be several days if if is a long distance haul so you should plan accordingly. When you arrive to your location, you will want your belongings to arrive the same day. Transporting belongings to France is much easier when you utilize an excellent removals service.

Hallo to you all I’m Kolade Molade and I am going to present you some necessary tips about removals from France to UK in Europe.Please check our blog, where You will find all about it transport furniture UK to France

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How To Make Chocolate Malt Carp Fishing Boilies For Winter And Spring Success!

Revealed here are very unusual powerful bait recipes for winter, spring and cold water big fish success! Chocolate malt is a popular flavour now. I have made my own versions of these baits and flavours as homemade baits for about 25 years. That is a lot of winters and springs to test what truly works so read on and reap more cold water rewards now!

Flavours are an exceptionally popular topic of interest among anglers on the bank! Chocolate malt is a flavour that I and friends of mine plus many other anglers in the know love to exploit! Many anglers today use chocolate malt flavour readymade baits, but you can make even more potent versions! If you have read any other of my hundreds of bait secrets articles all over the web now, you will have realized that bait and nutrition, and bait and achieving far more bites are certainly not necessarily the same thing! Nutritional baits catch fish sure, but baits optimized to achieve the maximum numbers of chances of bites are far more successful!

What I mean by this is that nutritional stimulation is merely one avenue or approach to exploit within baits in order to achieve a situation where fish mouth your baits and subsequently get hooked! A great many baits that have exploited chocolate malt flavour over the years have not been designed as nutritionally stimulating baits at all! Instead the vast majority of chocolate malt readymade baits have relied upon the impacts of the high levels of flavour within relatively low nutritional value under optimized base mixes.

Protein components just keep on getting more and more expensive. So the aim of bait companies to achieve more profits leads many to cut down on protein and use alternative options to achieve bites and of course utilizing high flavour levels is just one approach that has great success! These days more and more bait companies are competing so are looking at ways to incorporate competitive edges within their baits at low cost. Some ideas below will cover some ideas as many of these substances mentioned cost less than using protein rich additives and ingredients.

The success of your bait certainly does not have to be due to how rich the concentrated proteins within your baits are in terms of feeding triggers and attractors; endless other options are available that truly work, even when fished against protein rich baits!

The original successful chocolate malt flavour that came to prominence was the one conceived by Rod Hutchinson, the flavour supreme extraordinaire! This was the chocolate malt flavour I chose if I was thinking about a bait of this particular emphasis, but the homemade base mixes I used were very open texture because I wished my flavours to leach out in great concentration and catch me fish as efficiently as possible! For winter I used various very soluble additives and ingredients to assist in the leaching of attractors and feeding stimulants alongside the concentrated flavour.

An example of this would be malt extract, which is a highly under used additive these days. Another additive I would use today in such a bait is vanilla extract meal. Personally I like to keep things different but certainly not just for the sake of it. For instance today if I was to fish against a readymade chocolate malt bait there are very many options I would exploit to design a vast array of competitive edges into my homemade baits. These edges very much would relate to the potency of the bait, its instant and cumulative bioactive effects and metabolic effects and this will include potent prebiotic and probiotic effects, things that will speed the throughput of bait through fish, assist digestion, increase bait palatability and impacts intensity and duration and so on.

For cold water the ways you bait substances in combination react in water are a massively crucial part of your bait! Cold water baits are well known to be more successful when you include an intense sweetener. Such a sweetener has multiple effects and impacts apart from its role as a flavour enhancer. Such sweeteners strengthen the intensity and duration of other flavours and improve bait palatability which in turn encourages carp to feed on more bait more repeatedly, even in low water temperatures. Obviously further repeated feeding equals more chances for fish to make mistakes on your hook baits!

As the focus of this article is on the flavour not base mix just a couple of suggestions will be mentioned in this regard. It is desirable to give your fish multiple impacts on multiple senses so utilizing various substances combined is obviously a very sound suggestion. So for example I would use a sweet or milky or another type of powdered palatant in my bait. I might use a very specific appetite stimulator and the profile of these can very enormously. SBS baits for example have a very well proven range.

Appetite stimulators are extremely under exploited simply because the masses have not figured it out that a bait built on a range of incredibly potent feeding triggers which also happen to be seriously potent enhancers is a very serious edge over fish caution and resistance to being hooked! They really do promote that vital just one more effect when experienced by carp!

As for flavours I like to make things unique in my baits while ensuring plenty to attract carp and create interesting profiles and richness within baits and substances leaching off. If you are fishing a water where chocolate malt has been used previously then why not create new flavour with a unique profile and effects. You might well consider trying mixing 2 different brands of chocolate malt flavours together, with each on a different base.

You might decide to add a different dimension perhaps, by adding a butter or cream or scopex or milk flavour. Personally I would add a little butyric acid also. In a chocolate malt bait you might include extras into you bait that will certainly enhance the palatability and solubility and effectiveness of your bait. Many malted drinks are very effective and include milk protein and sugar fractions and further enhancers such as salts. These tend to be very fine which is great but they have a certain oil content so I would mix something else to it that is also fine; such as icing sugar to it for cold water use.

I would include a milliliter of Thaumatin (the trade name is Talin) at least per 1 kilogram of your dry powder base mix. Other things I would add in whatever combination of ingredients and additives you might choose for your base mix I would include are molasses meal, betaine HCL and also in with your liquids, some high potency liquid lecithins from CW Baits.

Vanilla is probably the most popular flavour in the world yet it is strangely ignored by 99 percent of carp anglers today. The real vanilla extract liquid is very useful indeed but often in pretty weak alcohol base. Alcohol is a very soluble easily dissipated form of solvent and carrier for natural flavour components. However it is possible to create real vanilla flavour by steeping and heating vanilla pods to draw out their awesomely attractive oleoresins.

Traditionally chocolate, vanilla and chilli are well connected for many reasons through history and culture and with very good reason. In fact a few drops of capsicum essential oil for example works very well in a sweet homemade chocolate malt bait! For more information on what kinds of substances are most potent in designing your base mix for cold water boilies, pellets, particles, ground baits and so on read on.

You might think that chocolate malt just refers to boilies, but it most certainly does not! What about chocolate malt sweetcorn, or tiger nuts or luncheon meat, or spod mix or PVA bag mix, method mix or boosted paste? How about this little idea: Defrost some prawns in a mixture of soluble fish protein, vanilla extract powder, betaine HCL, raw molasses, wheat bran, powdered palatant and other appetite stimulators and chocolate malt flavour. When you begin, add some dehydrated prawns and maybe insect meal, a little chocolate powder and instant coffee powder, silkworms crushed plus some chopped up vanilla pod.

When your prawns have defrosted and all materials have soaked in all together, crush up your prawns and then add some PVA friendly liquid food. Examples could include CC Moore corn sweet syrup, plus a little liquid chilli extract and added chilli flakes. Maybe you might try liquid salmon and krill extract with added glycerine, Butyric acid and Talin. Such suggestions are all good, but merely the tip of the iceberg of what I know is possible and certainly baits can be made incredibly far more potent!

I really seriously rate using big PVA bags filled with suggestions like this. I make mine to pack such a uniquely potent punch I can tell you it makes me smile knowing just what is hitting fish externally and internally in concentration is actively altering their brain chemistry, muscular state, changes of behaviours and states of arousal and feeding modes!

I do not simply go to bait companies for my ideas and materials though. Herbalists and suppliers to the massage and holistic healing and health food type businesses offer many extraordinarily potent substances that could well be new to your consciousness as having potential in carp baits!

You might think that chocolate malt just refers to boilies, but it most certainly does not! I could suggest trying betal nut products, and endless other products to induce special energizing impacts in feed to induce boosted feeding activity especially required in low water temperatures!

What about chocolate malt sweetcorn, or tiger nuts or luncheon meat, or spod mix or PVA bag mix, method mix or boosted paste? How about this little idea: Defrost some prawns in a mixture of soluble fish protein, vanilla extract powder, betaine HCL, raw molasses, wheat bran, powdered palatant and other appetite stimulators and chocolate malt flavour. When you begin, add some dehydrated prawns and maybe insect meal, a little chocolate powder and instant coffee powder, silkworms crushed plus some chopped up vanilla pod.

When your prawns have defrosted and all materials have soaked in all together, crush up your prawns and then add some PVA friendly liquid food. Examples could include CC Moore corn sweet syrup, plus a little liquid chilli extract and added chilli flakes. Maybe you might try the new liquid krill extract and add glycerine, Butyric acid and Talin for an awesome unique spring chocolate bait!

I say much more about this on CC Moore TV each month as a consultant describing how and why to use a massive diversity of various substances to trigger feeding in many potent ways and also gain incredible competitive edges over competing baits!

This is all great stuff but this is merely the tips of the iceberg of what is possible and certainly can be made incredibly more potent. It really does pay to keep an open mind! Revealed in my unique readymade bait and homemade bait carp and catfish bait secrets ebooks is far more powerful information look up my unique website (Baitbigfish) and see my biography below for details of my ebooks deals right now!

By Tim Richardson.

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How To Select Camping Tents

Selecting camping tents requires careful consideration and planning irrespective of whether your intention is to spend a night out in the backyard or an isolated weekend in a remote nature reserve.

The Different Types of Tents

First time campers in search of tents are often overwhelmed by the sheer variety of designs available. Your own local sports and recreation store will have a number of options including:

* The A-frame: the A-frame is one of the commonest and most recognizable of tent designs. It consists of a triangle at each end, a supporting pole across the middle and sometimes structure poles for the base.

* The Hoop or tunnel tent: hoop tents are the modern equivalent of the earlier pup tents and have a shape similar to a shallow tunnel. The design uses two or more parallel arched hoops to support the roof. These camping tents usually have a single flexible pole and are often sold as lightweight single or two-seater tents. Different styles may have the pole going either along or across the tent. A disadvantage of the hoop design is the rather limited head room available in most models of this type.

* Dome and wedge tents: Dome and wedge tents are similar to hoop tents as they too use arched supports. Instead of parallel arches as is the case in a hoop tent, the hoops in the dome or wedge tents typically cross in the middle.

Dome and wedge tents are fast replacing A-frame camping tents in popularity because the arched design typically allows for better rain protection than an A-frame. Models are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from lightweight 2-person tents to 6 or 9-person tents that can reach up to six feet in height.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Tent

Consider the expected weather conditions carefully when deciding on the tent design. For example, tents with screened windows that let in air will help keep cool during summer camping trips while a snug, waterproof shelter is essential for damp weather.

Once you’ve decided on the design, the next thing to do is to choose a suitable tent fabric and pole material. Nylon and polyester are popular choices for tent fabric. These are lightweight and breathable fabrics that are reasonably water-proof as well.

Fiberglass poles are a popular and relatively inexpensive choice for camping tents though these can become brittle when subjected to extreme hot or cold. For extreme conditions, it is advisable that you use the heavier but more durable aluminum poles. Carbon fiber is a lightweight but a more expensive alternative to aluminum poles.

Camping tents come in a variety of materials and designs including highly specialized structures such as the restroom-cum-shower tents that act like fully equipped portable lavatories with sophisticated restroom and shower facilities. There are also specially designed pet shelters for your beloved pooches. Also available are landscape and climate specific designs. Whether you are a newbie camper, part of a family group complete with young children or advanced backpackers looking for an extreme challenge, you are sure to find a tent that fits your individual needs to a T.

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Europe’s natural beauty

through the use of keys in hardware as the side ones to stir among the pages of a document, the central directional key (says “controller to 5 directions”), that Home to return to the initial page and that Menu, only to quote some of it (I am an about ten Chemise Burberry in everything, understood the lighting, that is found in low, close to the entry USB). It misses the pencil there would be expected, so much to make an example, something as a system to underline (even with a sort of pencil in plastics as those furnished with the consoles Nintendo DS) the most interesting footsteps of a text: something of the kind exists (in the form of evidenziazioni, bookmarks, notes, also condivisibili crosses the social network), but it doesn’t exactly work this way. To write the keys they are used directional Burberry Homme Other thing that is intuitively suited to do it is that of cliccare on the keys of the virtual keyboard that it serves us to write notes or, for instance, to fill form or to make searches among the texts: in reality, to write is necessary to move himself/herself/themselves on the keyboard with the directional keys, pressing then the central key when it comes with selecting a character. There is, however, a system that allows to magnify the text (at times “forced” in the small dimensions of the device), the possibility to read in horizontal (what he/she remembers to the distant one the operation of the accelerometer of some instruments as the smartphones) and a small browser web. What possible to make to Purchase from the store of Amazon is it is a rather simple operation: cliccando on the voice “it Purchases in the shop Kindle” – to pact that is connected – it is possible to directly access the pages of Amazon. You hover to cost zero you choice of titles it is rather vast and it goes from books to cost zero (as classical more protected from copyright), to books of every kind, passing for magazines and newspapers. Among the European newspapers they detach the Times, Her Monde, the Financial Times, El Pais and, only Italian, Stamps her: it is Burberry Soldes possible to receive the newspapers in subscription or to purchase the today’s copy (so much to make an example, Stamps her you/he/she is sold to 1,25 $).

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Skydiving your ultimate adventure destination

One of the most exhilarating experience, no doubt has to be skydiving,the ride involves jump from a height of 15000 feet along with or without a instructor. The rejuvenating free-fall can be experienced at 200 mph,this is the fastest free-fall ride which is not offered by any other sport. Lasting for 30 to 35 seconds,it gives the best ever experience you have thought of. Australia is one the beautiful place to attempt skydiving,the place acquaints best natural surroundings. A long beautiful beach with enchanting natural beauty, the initial drop and speed of falling is made the best here. Moreover, if you get amazing views of Byron Bay and Ballina and landing on awesome river and ocean will surely take your breath away.

Australia is enclosed by reefs ,most famous is Great Barrier Reef situated on northern side, these have magnification views. Hence, while opting for a skydiving the enchanting view gives a breathtaking feel. Parachuting is also an aspect of skydiving,it can also be associated with high speed free flying. You can just approach to any of the trusted skydiving,tandem skydiving Australia institute and make your experience a memorable one.

Skydiving in Australia is known for all the reasons when it comes to a best sporting experience,herein you can opt for expert training if you are a novice skydiver. In the training, before the actual dive there are some mock sessions with a dummy aircraft,after which the parachute handling will be taught and get trained about safe landing methods. These mock sessions gives general idea about about the real thrill which is to be experienced.

Falling from the 15,000 height is a spell bound feel ,once you jump it will take about 5 minutes to reach the ground zero, the ride lasts for 30 seconds without the parachute. You can also choose to click photographs while boarding, the skydiving instructor will then guide you for the event. Particularly for the first time skydivers tandem skydiving has become the most popular event,this lets them experience the real feel of skydiving with experts and they are assured of safety as well.

Being of the most extreme sport one needs to take care about several safety options,skydivers should make constant checks on their equipments and should keep a spare parachute while they are jumping. Spare parachute is generally deployed automatically if the jumper reaches is at a certain altitude and take care of their safety.

Hence, these were some facts of the adventurous yet thrilling sport, so are you ready to take the plunge?

Being of the most extreme sport one needs to take care about several safety options,skydivers should make constant checks on their equipments and should keep a spare parachute while they are jumping. Spare parachute is generally deployed automatically if the jumper reaches is at a certain altitude and take care of their safety.

Hence, these were some facts of the adventurous yet thrilling sport, so are you ready to take the plunge?

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Norfolk Self Catering

Self catering in Norfolk is one of the most popular types of holiday available. There are apartments and caravan/holiday parks to suit all tastes or you might prefer one of the many cottages available to rent. These are often found in lovely historic villages which have their own native styles. Or how about something more unique in the form of a converted dairy at Walnut Tree Barn, in Swanton Abbott? Whatever accommodation you choose you will have the complete freedom to plan your days as you wish.

Self catering in Norfolk means you can eat at a time to suit you, either in residence or in one of the many excellent cafs and restaurants. Most pubs, many of which are full of character, also serve meals as well as a good selection of beers including local brews. If you have had a late night you can have a leisurely lie-in in the morning with no pressure to vacate the accommodation to allow the cleaners to do their work. Once you have surfaced the day is entirely yours to spend as you wish.

Norfolk is packed with things to do and places to visit. There are many unspoilt beaches around the coast to take the family to or you could visit one of the country houses with exotic gardens to view. There are steam railways to ride on and zoos to visit not to mention the Queens Sandringham Home. Alternatively you could take a leisurely boat tour on the famous Norfolk Broads or visit one of the many windmills that can be seen on the horizons which are used to pump water from low-lying fields.

For the more energetic there are many scenic walks as well as bicycles for hire Norfolk has a reputation for being generally flat, and it is the only county with no motorways. At the end of the day you can turn your attention to the evening ahead. Some caravan/holiday parks have their own social clubs providing entertainment for all the family. Alternatively you might prefer to visit one of the nightclubs or spend an evening at a theatre or in one of the local pubs.
All this is makes self catering in Norfolk an increasingly popular holiday choice. Norfolk is there for your enjoyment.

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Great For Novices Cheap Backpacking Gear

Beginning backpackers should not always go out and buy the most expensive equipment for backpacking, since they do not yet know if the sport will be one that they will continue throughout their life or if they will be done with it after their first real excursion. Plus, even experienced backpackers do not necessarily buy the most expensive supplies, knowing that the medium or even cheap backpacking gear suffices in most situations.
How Cheap is Cheap?
There are some items that a consumer can not get around paying close to one hundred dollars for, such as the tent. A solid tent is essential, so even when looking for cheap backpacking gear, a buyer should not go too cheap. One solid tent is the Granite Gear Vigra that runs at close to one hundred dollars.
A couple of other choices are the Osprey Ather 45 or the GoLite Jam. All of these tents are also light, at about thirty ounces. Check backpacking gear reviews for other tents that have the same features as these do and look for sales. Another essential item that is on the more expensive side is the tarp, which runs at about fifty dollars. Beyond this, a ground cloth and stakes will run about twenty dollars, putting the total amount for shelter just under two hundred dollars.
Another essential item when looking for cheap backpacking gear is the sleeping bag. This is another item on which a buyer does not want to go too cheap. A solid sleeping bag that is rated at 20F will cost right around one hundred dollars as well, although sale priced it may be found for a little less than that. However, with a sleeping bag, weight can also be an issue, so look for bags that are right at thirty ounces.
Kitchen supplies and other small items are the least expensive of all the cheap backpacking gear. A Pepsi stove and pot can be found for about twelve dollars. Additional cooking pot, ‘silverware’ and water containers will run about thirty dollars total. Flashlights, maps and other small items will probably run another ten dollars or so, and hopefully most of the clothing is already owned or can be borrowed, depending on the weather conditions.
All in all, the total cost to outfit a beginner backpacker with gear for a basic backpacking camping trip is right at four hundred dollars. Even at four hundred dollars, this is a significant expense for a hobby that may only be done once. Beginners would be even better off borrowing supplies from friends or renting from an outdoor supply company to go on a couple of trips before making the investment on their own.

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How To Think Like An Ultralight Backpacker

How does an ultralight backpacker think? A reporter for a backpacking magazine asked me this in a recent interview. I’ve gone backpacking in winter conditions with as little as eleven pounds total on my back, so I do think light. In fact, there are some basic questions that seem to automatically come to mind when I am either planning a backpacking trip or looking at gear. I suspect other lightweight backpackers ask themselves the same things.

1. How do I make it lighter?

Habitually ask this of every item you bring. Foam sleeping pads can be trimmed, a stuff sack could be left behind if the sleeping bag can just be stuffed directly into the pack. Shortening a toothbrush and cutting the edges off maps won’t lighten the load much, but modify enough different items, and the weight savings can add up to a pound or two.

2. Is there a lighter alternative?

This is where you really save weight, especially if you start with the “big three;” sleeping bag, shelter and backpack. Buying new gear may be necessary, but you can also find the lightest choice among the things you already own. Pick out your lightest t-shirts, for example, or take your light tarp for a short trip, instead of a tent. This can make a big difference in how light you go. Many years ago, I went from a 88-ounce (5 1/2 pound) backpack to a 14-ounce one, and from a three-pound sleeping bag to a one-pound one.

3. What can I leave behind?

“Do I really need to bring this?” Ask that of each item. One shirt may be enough, for example. Ask, “will I use it?” For several trips I carried a small chess set, but never used it. If with a group, see if someone else in the party has an item you are considering. A group of three only needs one stove. Not sure if you can leave something behind? The last three questions may help you find an answer.

4. Are there multiple-use items I can use to cut weight?

If I cook at all (unusual), my pan is my bowl, and my spoon is my fork. Some ponchos can be used as a shelter. A trekking pole can be the support for a tarp shelter or even some tents. The stuff-sack from your sleeping bag can be filled with clothing to use as a pillow. Find ways to use the things you have for more than one purpose, and buy things that have multiple purposes. This is classic ultralight backpacker thinking.

5. Are there strategies can I use to lighten the load?

An extreme example: eat a low-carbohydrate diet for a few days, then load up on pasta the day before a trip. In this way you can store up to a couple pounds of extra carbs in your body, so you won’t need to carry as much food. Called “carbo-loading,” it’s been used by endurance athletes for decades. Another strategy: plan according to the weather report. If no rain is predicted, you can leave the rain gear behind, or bring just the top. In an area with many water sources, you can carry just a one-pint plastic soda bottle, if you fill it up every time you come to a stream or lake.

6. What skills and habits can I work on?

This is partly about learning survival skills. Why? Because being at home in the wilderness makes it safer to go lighter. If, for example, you know how to make a warm bed of dried leaves and grass, it’s safe to try that light sleeping bag which otherwise might not be quite warm enough for you. Being able to identify and eat wild edible plants makes it safer to carry less food. In fact, if with sufficient survival skills, an ultralight backpacker can be prepared for almost anything.

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Italy -The best tourist place in Europe (Justified)

About the county Italy, the birthplace of pasta and pizza provides a wide range of choices for artwork lovers to experience. A temperate climate exists here with very hot summers and not so cold winters. The weather is the best in spring and autumn with pleasant temperatures and scenic views. At that time of the year, the place isnt crowded much and things can be enjoyed in leisure. Incase of emergency call 112. For fire call 115 and for ambulance call 118.


Italian is widely spoken and is the official language. English isnt very familiar to the locals. Family ties are of utmost importance here and hence social courtesies mean a lot to the locals. There is a great impact of the Roman Catholic Church on the culture here. There is a high content of chlorine in tap waters, so bottled water is recommended for staying fit during the trip. Since Italian is spoken on a wide scale, it is highly recommended to learn few common Italian phrases which can be of great use. Social gatherings call for formal wear, but one can dress in casuals otherwise. At some religious places, sleeveless shirt and shorts are frowned upon. So they are better avoided. Purses and wallets should be well guarded and in case of any theft, police should be informed about the incident.

Site Seeing

The first thing to check out is the leaning tower of Pisa, where Olympics originated. At places like museums and art galleries, photography, especially flash photography is restricted. Check out the ticket counter for more information. Italy should be majorly discovered on foot for a thorough viewing of all the beautiful buildings and monuments. Coaches and trains are a good option to get to a tourist spot.


Shops here are open from 9am to 8pm, closed for lunch. Quality of goods is great although the prices are very less. Items like crystals, lacework, leather good, and jewelry can be bought at the stores. Remember to hold on to the receipt. Tipping of 10% is customary along with the service tax levied on the bill. Italy is famous for top designers of the world, so do buy clothes and accessories to update your wardrobe. Cruises have formal gatherings in the evening, so ensure to buy a cocktail dress or some formal wear, though casuals can be worn at other times.


The voltage used is 220 volts and 50 Hz frequency.

Getting there

Alitalia is the national airline of Italy. Many other flights connect to Italy from USA, Canada and Australia and there is big competition to attract passengers giving a wide range of offers to travelers. Rome airport is located 26 km away from the city and it takes 45 minutes to get there from the airport. Trains connect directly to Termini Station from where one can take taxi to get to their destination. Duty free shops, bank, car hire and restaurants are the other services provided at this airport. Milan has another famous airport here, which is at a distance of 45km away from the city.

Brindisi, Ancona, Naples and Venice are the major seaports of Italy. Italian State Railways connects many European cities. But, Eurostar provides the fastest train service.

If choosing to drive, dont forget to carry international driving license and international insurance certificate. Roads connect Italy to France, Austria and Switzerland. Many coach services are provided from the neighboring countries.

Duty Free Items

1. 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 100 cigarillos or 250g of tobacco 2. 2liter of wine and 1liter of spirits (over 22 per cent) or 2liter of fortified or sparkling wine 3. 50g of perfume and 250ml of eau de toilette; 500g of coffee or 200g of coffee extract (if over 15 years of age) 4. 100g of tea or 40g of tea extract 5. Gifts not exceeding 89.96 (if entering from an EU country), 175 (if entering from a non-EU country). Hotels in Italy: If you wish to spend some time with your folks, you must visit hotel Rimini and hotel Bellaria for luxurious travel and accommodation experience.

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JS Insurance Backpacker Insurance, the Name You Can Trust for Your Travel Insurance Needs

No traveler wants to think about accidents, diseases, legal problems, lost or stolen baggage, cancellations/interruptions, missed flights, among others when one is on a travel of their dreams. When one purchases a JS Insurance Backpacker Insurance, a traveler need only to enjoy their travel adventures and let JS Insurance take care of the rest. This has been the go-to insurance for travelers since 1999. The company prides itself for providing services that gives the highest travel satisfaction to their customers. This company also offers a variety of travel coverage to cater the various needs of the customers. Their coverage consists of policies for single trips, annual trips, backpacking trips, winter sports to name a few.

The JS Insurance Backpacker Insurance provides coverage for a period of 4 months to one year long. It also offers coverage for legal problems, medical emergencies, lost or stolen baggage, repatriation, and winter sports coverage. The company also provides a 24-hour hotline for the insured to call anytime, anywhere. The company can even assist the travelers who lost their luggage in transit while traveling by making the necessary arrangements to help get it back.

A traveler who has availed JS Insurance Backpacker Insurance need not worry when he has missed his flight while in Dubai and cannot communicate in the local language because they will assist the traveler every step of the way. Thus, JS Insurance is the best bet to meet all your travel needs because the company has all the necessary experience to tackle any problems a traveler might encounter. Finally, JS is the name in travel insurance that a traveler can trust with their experience and know-how in travel insurance coverage.

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